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A Dog Wearing Glasses

The Complete Guide to Smart Home Tech for Pets

Your home has likely gone high-tech with virtual assistance devices that can recite a recipe, play your favorite song or even control the temperature with a voice prompt. Smart home tech have useful features that provide comfort and convenience with ease of use, even for the most technology-challenged amongst...
Pet Tech: the Gadgets That You and Your Dog Will Love

Pet Tech: the Gadgets That You and Your Dog Will Love

In India alone, the pet care industry is set to grow by over 20% by 2022. This bodes well for developers of pet technology, which has been on the rise in recent years. Technology can aid animals in various ways, as well pet parents. From wearable technology to handy gadgets to have...
5 Technologies for Helping the Animals

5 Technologies for Helping Animals and Pets

Technology has proven to be very helpful not only for humans but also for animals because some species of animals have become extinct and some are endangered. In this article, you find a few technologies available for helping animals. Read on if you are a pet lover or a...