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Slideshare vs Microsoft Powerpoint

SlideShare Vs Microsoft PowerPoint – What to Choose?

In today’s digital age, effective presentations are essential in a variety of industries including education, business, and marketing. People can use various tools and software to make their presentations visually appealing and engaging. In this article, we will be comparing SlideShare and PowerPoint in-depth, highlighting their similarities, differences, how they work, and of course their subscription plans. SlideShare SlideShare is a well-known online site where you can share presentations with a worldwide audience in a variety of file formats, including PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote. In addition to sharing, you can gain useful information on the subject of your choice. It includes a...
PDF DRM Security

Best Websites and Apps to Edit PDFs

For over 25 years, PDFs have taken the top spot as the main format used in saving and sending documents, and rightfully so. As a result, many businesses and firms have adopted PDF documentation for contracts, worksheets, reports, tax forms, etc. With the popularity of PDFs, it stands to reason that there will often be a need to edit PDFs, and this is where it gets a little tricky. This is because PDFs are almost non-editable and can only be opened in a read-only mode because of their static nature. Some instances where one may need to edit a PDF...
Best Place to Work

5 Ways to Stand Out in the Workplace

If you’re new in the workplace, creating a place for yourself will help you to find your feet and progress. Every year, 11 million young people graduate from higher institutions of learning and only 3 million jobs are created, according to Junior Achievement Africa. As a new employee, aside from building your network, there are other factors that can distinguish you at the workplace. Here are five ways to strengthen your chances in the workplace and in a new job: 1. Build Up Your Confidence Having a good measure of confidence in your abilities can set you apart from others. When the...
The Best Programmer's Setup chair

The Best Furniture for your Work from Home Space

The end of the year is nearing, and it is the perfect opportunity to give your work from home space a makeover. If you found yourself suddenly working remotely in 2020, you probably haven’t had much of a chance to really set up a home office. That’s why it is the perfect focus for your end-of-the-year deductions. Freelancers, self-employed or independent professionals, and small business owners can all benefit from making these types of large purchases just before the end of the year. Even though it is best to make those purchases now, it may not be the most profitable...
Self Development

Top 7 Self Development Apps for 2023

Modern smartphones and tablets let us get into new worlds. Regardless of our location, we can watch YouTube videos, work, and even try in play betting with no mistakes caused by low Internet speeds. However, our phones are also helpful for self-development. Want to improve yourself and get more skilled? Then, these 7 apps are your solution. 1. Daylio This app will take you a maximum of 1 minute a day. All you have to do is choose a mood and an activity you were doing during the day. Then all the work is done by Daylio, namely: Collecting daily data. Making statistics and...
Google Slides eLearning Tips

8 Tips to Use Google Slides in eLearning

Having been hit hardest by Covid-19, 2020 was the year of change, transformation, adoption, and progression, not only for the business world but also for the education industry. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic resulted in the closure of schools across 186 countries, leaving over 1.2 billion children out of the classroom. The educational institutions that were based solely on traditional learning methods before the crisis suddenly shifted entirely to online overnight and realized the significance of making eLearning more responsive, flexible, and agile. All thanks to digital technologies and online presentation platforms that enabled the education sector to sail...
Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Users

Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Users

As your workload grows, remembering every piece of information you need to complete your daily or weekly responsibilities gets more challenging. Making audio notes or recording entire conversations with their Smartphones can benefit students, journalists, and professionals from various sectors. There are various types of recorder apps such as voice recorders, screen recorders, video recorders which can be fun to save your memories for the future. In this blog, I am going to discuss voice recorder apps. Voice recorders that are computer-based are fantastic. However, they can be restrictive in many ways. You can't, for example, take one outside and keep...
Stellar OST to PST Converter Software

Best OST to PST Converter Software in 2023- Stellar converter for...

Stellar is the dynamic data care corporation that provides its services in mailbox conversion, data erasure, data recovery and file repair software. It is one of the leading corporations of the world that has been working on global data recovery, data migration and data erasure for more than two decades. Its services are highly recognized and appreciated in Europe, the USA and Asia. It has largely contributed to the IT solution, especially in data repair, recovery and erasure. Stellar gives tool compartments that are a mix of Integral assets intended for Data Recovery, File repair, Mailbox repair and File Conversion. It...
Office Chair

Tips For Picking The Best Office Chair

Do you work at your computer for many hours on end? When you do, there is a good chance that you’re going to get uncomfortable. With that being said, you’ll want to do everything you can to remain comfortable from start to finish. Otherwise, you will wiggle around and you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand. To eliminate your pain and discomfort, you need to choose the best office chair possible. Are you positive that you can make the right choice? Below, you’ll find tips for choosing an office chair so you can guarantee that you’ll get...
The Pros And Cons Of Automating Business Transactions

Smart Guide for Employee Productivity in 2021

Not many people know that humans can create exceptional work and this is as and when they are determined, intentional, and free from all kinds of distractions. The major issue with distractions is that they are inescapable right in our tech-driven world. You would be going to start an important task, and later on, you find yourself spending time on the various cat videos for hours. Frankly, distractions would lead to procrastination and they are the best or opposite of productivity. Productivity Through Time During the industrial time, labor was cheap but abundant. But in this era, the major goal is to maximize...