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Forex Mastery on OctaFX

Forex: An Art Deserving of Mastery

We’ve all got big dreams. For you; it might be dancing in the O2 Arena, alongside one of the biggest artists in Nigeria. For someone else; it could be developing a great product that will get your startup the right funding, while for others it could just be making...
Dual Life: You can be a Forex Trader and a Fashion Designer

Dual Life is the New Superpower

It takes a hero to recognize another hero. So just know you aren’t reading this by mistake. We found you, just at the right time. Remember Clark Kent? Who we know to be “Superman”; the man who worked two jobs; as a hero and a Journalist. Yeah that man is a...

ICIT Solutions Nigeria Partners Microsoft, 9Mobile to Launch 9Business Cloud Platform

ICIT Solutions Nigeria, a business technology solutions provider and tier-one Microsoft partner, has announced partnership with 9Mobile to launch 9Business Cloud, a top-notch e-commerce platform where you can buy all cloud based software packages, designed to enhance business productivity in the fast-growing Nigerian market. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, ICIT (Internet,...
How Travel Exchange Became Forex Trading

Forex Day Trading Mistakes You should not Make

You need a dealer to work out the company on the exchange anytime you choose to sell. A significant investment consideration is a broker you pick. There are presently 70 brokers in India to pick from. However, you should turn to many of the leading global brokers. Some activities can...
Showmax App

ShowMax Price, Subscription, Movies, Series – All you need to Know

ShowMax is an online video streaming service similar to Netflix offered across Africa by MultiChoice the owners of DSTV and GoTV. Over the years, the world has really evolved, touching different lifestyles in which entertainment is not overlooked. The change of making life good by possibly making what we desire...
Text Messaging - Nigeria Bulk SMS

How to Send Bulk SMS on NigeriaBulkSMS

Bulk SMS is an effective way for brands to find new customers and engage existing ones. They are also great for announcements and public enlightenment campaigns. With almost everyone now owning a mobile phone, SMS has a wider reach than most marketing tools. In this article we look at...
Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

12 Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Might not Know About

WhatsApp is widely used among billions of people in the world. It is a Vastly growing platform for messaging. You can chat, video call, audio call, or create groups to talk to multiple people at once. If you are a regular user of this messaging app, you are probably familiar...
Best Trading Bots

Best Trading Bots in 2020 Available to Nigerians

Nigerians are in love with cryptocurrencies. The country saw a 210% rise in cryptocurrency usage and trade over the year. This means that in Africa, Nigeria is the country with the fastest adoption of crypto assets, consequently opening opportunities for those looking to make money on the side by...

How Software is Changing the Transport Industry

For every economy, transportation has been referred to as one of the crucial sector due to its major contribution to economic growth. The other reason is also that it connects countries worldwide. Just like technology is changing people’s life and work, it has also come up with some true changes...
Best Torrent Clients

Best Torrent Clients for 2021

A free torrent acts as a game-changer as it makes downloading faster and more safe and sound. Torrenting is perfect for downloading huge files like a video or software. Traditionally, downloading files from the host server directly is a very slow process for users as many other users were trying...