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Showmax App

ShowMax Price, Subscription, Movies, Series – All you need to Know

ShowMax is an online video streaming service similar to Netflix offered across Africa, Europe, and a few other countries by MultiChoice the owners of DSTV and GoTV. The streaming service, available online and on mobile enables you watch live TV shows like Big Brother All Stars as well as on demand movies, Series, and TV shows on your smartphone, Smart TV, gaming consoles, Windows or Mac computers, and other devices. In this article, you will discover all there is to know about Showmax subscription and price. Showmax is the best streaming service for African content as they have the largest...
Multichoice to add Netflix and Amazon Video Prime Streaming Services for its Subscribers.

Multichoice to add Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming Services for...

Multichoice, a South African TV satellite dish operator will be adding streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to its DSTV platform soon. This new development comes as the TV operator continues to experience growth in the market, adding about 900,000 GOTV and DStv subscribers to its pay-TV platform over its last financial year. Already, Multichoice offers its video-on-demand subscription-based streaming service, but in a bid to add a new set of fresh subscribers to its already large 19.5 million subscriber base, the company is looking to add the Netflix and Amazon Video Prime streaming services to the services...
a good IPTV service provider

Choosing a Good IPTV Service Provider (A Guide)

Modern people are busy that don’t have time to wait for days to watch a movie or a TV show. That’s why more and more people in Nigeria and around the world are interested in using IPTV – internet Protocol TV. In this way, they don’t have to wait for the airing schedule set by broadcasters. In addition, IPTV is a more cost-effective solution which allows users to pay for what they are interested in. Today, there are literally dozens of IPTV service providers out there. So, in order to find the best IPTV service provider, you will have to take...
Satellite Streams

Top 6 Live TV Channels on Satellite Streams

Satellite Streams is currently one of the best places for watching free live streaming channels from around the world. With this service, you’ll be able to legally watch sports, current affairs and entertainment channels that are usually included in paid subscriptions. The website makes it very convenient to access a great selection of live streams without worrying about the need for registration or even paying for a membership pass. Since the site is not geo-locked, it gives you the versatility to watch your favorite shows from any location, provided that you can get a decent connection to the internet. And since it’s...
Watching Digital TV can be great

4 Ways a Digital TV Antenna can Change your Viewing Experience

Most Aussie homeowners have already shifted to digital TVs. Because with the right digital TV antenna, you can enjoy high definition picture and sound quality without a monthly fee. Where to Buy an Antenna Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers So if you still haven’t made the shift, here are four compelling reasons to invest in digital TV and antenna today. 1. You will discover new Local Channels Did you know that broadcast stations are offering more than one sub-channel? If you have been subscribing to cable and satellite providers, you probably are not aware of such. A broadcast station will...
How to Troubleshoot Time Warner Cable Modem?

How to Troubleshoot Time Warner Cable Modem?

Cable modems may experience multiple technical problems that can manifest themselves as a number of issues in your home Internet connection. Slow Internet speeds, broken connectivity and sometimes, inability to connect to the network at all are a few of the most common issues related to cable modems. Each of these issues needs different troubleshooting processes for Time Warner Modem. Some simple and easy steps may address such issues, including the ones that your cable modem may experience. What are the steps for Troubleshooting? You must follow a few easy steps to troubleshoot your time warner cable modem, here are three steps that...
Charter Cable

This Year 2018 Will Be The Year of Charter Cable

Is Spectrum Charter Cable the Best of All in 2018? What sort of internet or cable you get - relies chiefly on the area you’re currently residing in? Do you have access to Charter Cable or not? Possibly, you may not have as many choices, and you are coerced to pick what might come in handy. Or you might be the lucky one to have lots of alternative options open, Spectrum too. Here comes another dilemma, confusion arise when you have to choose one out of all available options. Choose Charter Cable or other services? Why Spectrum? You might be wondering...
Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons to Watch Sports

Kodi is a free and open-source media streaming application software. It is available for all types of operating systems such as Windows, MAC, etc. Nowadays, Kodi has become very popular due to its add-ons. These Kodi add-ons are used for watching Movies, TV Shows, and some other entertainment stuff. There are tons of Sports add-ons available on Kodi. But the major problem is some of them are not working properly. We don’t know which add-ons are working correctly and which add-ons are not working very well. Here we have listed the Top best Kodi addons for Sports. The following add-ons are...
Ways to Fix Your TV Connection

7 Ways to Fix your TV Connection Problems

Image / credit: freepik What do you do when your cable TV goes out? Maybe you canceled all of your weekend plans so you could have some “ME” time, or you invited your friends over for a sleepover and you find out that your cable TV is on the fritz! What to do? In this article, we are going to discuss how to fix your cable TV connection. Sometimes it’s not a big issue and it just needs a simple fix or troubleshooting procedure to get things back to normal. Before it ruins your night, please follow these tips and...
DSTV Stream - Watch Movies, TV Shows on Mobile, Laptop

DSTV Stream – Watch Movies, TV Shows on Mobile, Laptop

DSTV Stream (formally known as DSTV Now or simply just the DSTV app) is a service from Multichoice that enables you watch your favourite shows online via a browser on your desktop or laptop or with a mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, and smart TV. It is the successor of DSTV Mobile, which used the DVB-H technology to broadcast select TV shows to compatible mobile phones. DSTV Stream enables you stream live shows like Big Brother Naija, watch and rewatch your favourite movies, and even catch-up on episodes you may have missed. Unlike DSTV Mobile that required the DVB-H...