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Gadget Protection Plan from SuperGeeks

One of the frustrating experience some of us have had to contend with at one time or the other is seeing our expensive devices pack up without notice due to a damage to its part. This understandably is a concern for many consumers when buying devices in shops or...

Small Business Insurance from MTN (Y’ello Biz)

MTN Y'ello Biz is an innovative value-added service from MTN that is designed to cater to business people on the network. The service is aimed at giving traders and small business owners peace of mind by offering insurance protection in case of fire, flood, or other business risk at...

Life Insurance on your Mobile from MTN (Y’ello Life)

Y'ello Life is one of the earlier offerings under MTN Y'ello Cover package, which is part of MTN's Y'ello Biz solutions for small business-focused Y'ello Biz. It is however designed to make life insurance affordable and accessible to the average Nigerian - more specifically, those on the MTN network. What...

Auto Insurance – Insure your Cars & Vehicles

Losses and risks are inevitable, but human societies have created novel ways of reducing the burden of loss, the most effective being insurance. Insurance is a means whereby a person pays some sum of money called premium in order to indemnify self against loss of a belonging worth much...

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