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What Makes 5KPlayer A Top Video Player for Windows/Mac

We need a solution to all the different video and audio player in our PC or Mac which not only supports all the file formats but also the forms of media files. This is where the 5KPlayer comes handy. Made by a firm named DearMob, it’s not your usual media player. It is a free utility that has a built-in support for DLNA and Airplay standard which virtual stream ever you to play & stream every type of media file. Besides there are more than three hundred online video hosting websites that supported to save along with built-in support for radio...
Organize Your Music Library

How to Properly Organize your Music Library

Managing music on your Mac can be difficult, especially if you have lots of folders filled with music and you don’t even know which specific folder contains what. And that is a reality for many Mac users. If you are one of those, then you may want to know how to organize your music library on Mac in the most efficient way. The first thing that comes to mind is to manually check all the folders and transfer everything to one specific folder called Music. But this is just a part of the answer. You may still encounter problems, when finding...
Sony ZX2 Walkman

Sony ZX2 Walkman Specs and Price

The Sony ZX2 is a top-of-the-line media player running on Android mobile operating system. Fully known as the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2, this device is not only intended for listening to loaded music, but also for streaming and downloading of apps and videos with its Wi-Fi capability. Where to Buy Media Players Jumia.com.ng from ₦30,000.00 Buy Now   The Design Sony NW-ZX2 looks stylish with a nice aluminium casing, which is not quite surprising given the expected high price it will retail. The aluminium frame and rubber grip of the device make for hassle-free holding. The chassis is gold-plated. With a dimension of 67 x 133...

Apple iPod Shuffle MP3 Player Review Price Specs

Apple iPod Shuffle is the smallest member of the iPod family. iPod Shuffle is a music player and is the only member of the iPod family that offer only music playback. iPod Shuffle is small (45.2mm x 17.5mm x 7.8mm), and offers modest storage 2GB or 4GB, multi-lingual VoiceOver (speaking music player in 14 languages), multiple playlists, and so on. Buy Apple iPod Online Apple iPod Shuffle, because of its small size has no display and plays only music or audio. Audio formats supported include mp3, Audible, WAV, AIFF, Apple lossless, and AAC. Because of its small size, shuffle’s control is...

Apple iPod Classic 160GB MP3 Player Review Price Specs

Apple iPod Classic is the largest member of the iPod media player family in terms of media storage capacity. With 160GB storage capacity, you can carry your entire media library on the latest iPod Classic. iPod Classic has a bigger display than Nano. Only iPod Touch with 3.5-inch display rivals iPod Classic on display size. Buy Apple iPod Online Apple iPod Classic comes with a 2.5-inch colour display with an impressive 320 x 240-pixel resolution. Display quality is good offering 163 pixels per inch. Display quality is great, pictures and videos are displayed clear and sharp. iPod Classic has a clickwheel...

Apple iPod Touch Media Player MP3 Buy iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch is a member of the iPod Portable media player family. iPod Touch is a high-end member of the iPod family with its major distinguishing feature being the addition of a touchscreen. This is where it gets its name. Apple iPod Touch also boasts of a larger display, Wi-Fi capability, email, built-in browser, mobile gaming, and maps location based service (not GPS). Apple iPod Touch is very similar to the iPhone in fact it will be safe to think of iPod Touch as iPhone without camera, GSM, or 3G HSDPA. Buy Apple iPod Online Apple iPod Touch comes with...

Apple iPod Nano MP3 Player Review Price Specs Buy

Managing your media (music & video) has never been easier. Apple iPod has completely changed the way we listen to music. iPod Nano is the recommended entry level iPod. Latest generation iPod Nano comes in either 8GB or 16GB models. The major difference between the two is that 16 GB iPod Nano provides more storage space for your media. Buy Apple iPod Online Apple iPod Nano comes with 2.0-inch colour display with an impressive 320 x 240 pixel resolution. This makes iPod Nano a good platform for viewing your pictures, videos, favourite TV shows and video podcasts. Apple iPod Nano offers...