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Best Reading Software

How To Pick The Best Reading Software: An Ultimate Checklist

Switching from printed books to their e-versions is a great way to increase reading motivation and speed. Ebooks are generally cheaper, some can be downloaded for free from legal loyalty-free libraries. Also, reading software offers much broader customization possibilities than a printed alternative. However, this only stays true for high-quality...
Amazon Kindle Oasis Reader Image

Amazon Kindle Oasis Specs & Price

The new Kindle Oasis is the latest e-reader from the stable of Amazon and, arguably, the most elegant of these reading-focused devices to date. It shows off an ultra-slim, lightweight design and is built to deliver more comfortable viewing and longer battery life. Where to Buy Kindle Oasis Reader Amazon.com$289.99 View...

Amazon Kindle Reader Specs & Price

Kindle is the entry-level version in the popular Amazon series of e-book readers. The latest iteration of the budget reader features a glare-free touchscreen, more storage memory and exclusive Kindle features, amongst others. Where to Buy Kindle Reader Amazon.com$79.99 View Offer Amazon.com$99.99 View Offer(Kids Bundle)     Built for the Reader Amazon Kindle is made for...

Amazon Kindle Voyage Reader Specs & Price

The Kindle Voyage is the king of Amazon's range of e-book readers, which also features the entry-level Kindle and the impressive Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. The incredibly thin and light device boasts the best features available on a Kindle, including a glass-covered bright display with lighting and dedicated page buttons. Where...

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Reader (2015) Specs & Price

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a decent upgrade for those who desire more than what the entry-level Kindle reader has to offer. The latest, third-generation Paperwhite comes with a sharper HD touchscreen and integrated front light to offer more enjoyable reading experience than possible on its budget sibling. Where to Buy...

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader Specs Prices Reviews

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the most advanced e-reader offering a paperlike reading experience, a touch display, and weeks of battery life. It is the e-reader for the avid reader. Kindle Paperwhite features an advanced 6-inch display, built-in Wi-Fi, and millions of books available for download. Where to Buy Kindle Paperwhite Amazon.com$179.99...

Subscribe to NaijaTechGuide on Google Currents

NaijaTechGuide is now on Google Currents. If you own an Android phone or tablet or an iPhone or iPad, you can now read fresh editions of the NaijaTechGuide blog on your phone or tablet using the Google Currents app. Just Download the Google Currents app from Google Play or...

Google Currents Goes International

Google has now made Google Currents available to an international audience. Google Currents app for iOS and Android was launched in December, 2011 in the United States. But now Google is offering Currents, an app that enables readers easily access online magazine editions on their smartphones and tablets, globally. Publishers...

Nook Color reader Tablet from Barnes and Noble

Nook color is a full color e-reader. Unlike the Nook reader, which featured an e-ink display for reading with a touch color display mostly for navigation and control, the Nook color reader comes with only with a touchscreen colour display. A full colour display makes the Nook color reader...

Nook reader from Barnes and Noble Android Books Reader

The Nook reader is an award winning e-reader from Barnes and Noble. It is a leading competitor to the Amazon Kindle e-reader. Barnes and Noble Nook reader is an Android reader and offers a great reading experience with an e-ink display that reads like paper and a colour touch...