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About Building a Smart Home. Learn about Smart Home Hubs, Smart Speakers, and Devices and Accessories required for Home Automation

Inspiring Trends in Smart Home Design

There is no doubt in the fact that technology is taking over the world, making us use it for every activity that we conduct on a daily basis. Without us even realizing, we’ve integrated some piece of technology into everything that we do, including our home designs. And actually, that’s...
Smart Home

7 Smart Home Gadgets that are making our Life Easier

The start of the 21st century has seen the introduction and exponential growth of high-tech gadgets in the market. In this day and age of tight schedules and demanding careers, we need all the help we can get so that we have time leftover to still enjoy the best...
The 3 Innovative Technologies a Renter Must Have in the Apartment

The 3 Innovative Technologies a Renter Must Have in the Apartment

Living in a city gives you better opportunities in life. You’ll have access to establish your chosen career, do your recreational activities, explore your capabilities, and build a life of your dream. Before you reach all of these things in life, you need first to find a haven at...
Smart Mattress - Sleep Number Mattress

Top 5 Smart Sleeping Gadgets for 2019

An average human being spends one-third of his/her life resting in sleep. Good sleep is very essential for a human body to stay healthy. During sleep, the body heals itself and revives the body cells. Today, people are more cautious about their sleep and understand it’s importance better than ever....
5 Smart Home Gadgets You Must Have

6 Smart Home Gadgets You Must Have

Smart gadgets relax us in several ways and also save our time. They are technically featured and come with user-friendly interface to make life easier. Therefore, the moment you begin to shop for random things at your home, attention to those devices that can accelerate your lifestyle manifold. We...
Co-living Spaces

How Technology is Used in Co-living Spaces

We are surrounded by technology everywhere we turn. Terms like the Internet of things and smart home have become well known to this generation. Using a remote or even a mobile phone we are able to control various appliance in our homes, heating systems, and television sets. Tech Trends in...
Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub is Google’s Virtual Home Assistant with a Screen

At its recently concluded "Made for Google" event that saw the birth of the new generation Pixel flagship smartphone, Google also unveiled its latest home assistant hardware. Dubbed the Google Home Hub, Google is finally bringing a screen to its used-to-be display-free smart home speakers. This isn't exactly Google's first...
Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display: A Google Home Assistant with a Screen

Lenovo recently announced a new home assistant that seems more like a kitchen appliance to commence a revolutionization of home assistants offered by Google. Before now, home assistants and many other virtual assistant hardware usually were wired to receive information, interact, and communicate with users using voice only. Now, through...
Google Home

Gadgets that turn your Home into a Smart Home

Nowadays, everything you have in your home can be connected to your phone. This ranges from your robot vacuum cleaner to your fork. You can now connect your fridge to the internet and let it play your favorite song. Technology has improved so much that now jobs around the house...
Z wave cameras - The spy on your property!

Z Wave Cameras – The Spy on your Property

Smart home owners and business owners usually prefer to opt for options that could ensure them of restricting themselves to the fuss that goes around their property all the time. Why would you choose to run to your home and check in to see if everything is at their place?...

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