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About Building a Smart Home. Learn about Smart Home Hubs, Smart Speakers, and Devices and Accessories required for Home Automation

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display: A Google Home Assistant with a Screen

Lenovo recently announced a new home assistant that seems more like a kitchen appliance to commence a revolutionization of home assistants offered by Google. Before now, home assistants and many other virtual assistant hardware usually were wired to receive information, interact, and communicate with users using voice only. Now, through...
Google Home

Gadgets that turn your Home into a Smart Home

Nowadays, everything you have in your home can be connected to your phone. This ranges from your robot vacuum cleaner to your fork. You can now connect your fridge to the internet and let it play your favorite song. Technology has improved so much that now jobs around the house...
Z wave cameras - The spy on your property!

Z Wave Cameras – The Spy on your Property

Smart home owners and business owners usually prefer to opt for options that could ensure them of restricting themselves to the fuss that goes around their property all the time. Why would you choose to run to your home and check in to see if everything is at their place?...
Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life : iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner

Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life

Admit it, no one loves to clean their house. And you would rather have someone to do it for you. Decluttering once a month, sure. But the day to day general cleaning and spot-on dusting on home appliances can be very bothersome especially when you have other priorities to...
How to Prevent your Smart Home Security System from Getting Hacked

How to Prevent your Smart Home Security System from Getting Hacked

The functionality of smart devices in our daily lives has become absolutely undeniable. Long gone are the days when owning a single smart device in any household was considered to be a privilege. Now, owning a smart device is more of a necessity. As globalization has made the entire...
Smart Thermostat

Tips for Choosing the Best Smart Thermostats

You will agree with me that a Smart thermostat is the way to go in 2018 if you want to save on energy costs. However, shopping for the best devices remains a problem as this is a pretty new technology so not everyone knows what to look for when...
Smart Thermostats

8 Benefits Of Using Smart Thermostats

Given that heating and cooling account for a significant percentage of the energy costs in your home, investing in a smart thermostat will be a wise thing. With it, you get automated and better control of your home's climate and temperature settings. Such control can see you make significant...
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini & Home Max Specs and Price

Google Home Mini and Home Max are two latest additions to the search giant's Home range that competes with the likes of the Amazon Echo. These devices will appeal to different groups of users when it comes to cost, power, convenience and portability. Let's have a closer look at...
Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Specs & Price

Apple has joined the competition for controlling smart devices in our homes with HomePod launched at the WWDC 2017. With the Apple HomePod, the company seems to be going the smart speaker route just like Google and Amazon. The Design The Apple HomePod is essentially a smart speaker that can deliver...
Samsung Smartthins Smart Home Hub

Smart Home and Home Automation for Beginners

Over the past few years, home automation and smart home devices have become more popular. Many who balked at the earlier exorbitant costs are beginning to embrace them as price for home automation continues to decline. New Startups are no longer the main actors as a number of reputable...