How to Blog & make money Blogging

Blogging is a very popular topic these days, because it makes it easy for ordinary people to share their thoughts online. A blog is also a great marketing tool for businesses. But the popularity of blogging is largely because it also offers ordinary people the opportunity to become stars as well as make a reasonable living from their blogs.
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However, beginner bloggers often do not get what it takes to maintain and make a blog successful. Some think it’s about publishing a few posts on their blog and seating back for the money to roll in. Others think it’s all about copying other people’s blog posts or articles to their blog. But, neither of these strategy works, no wonder the mortality rate of blogs is very high.

Blogging is easy, putting Ads on your blog is also easy, the hard part is making money from your blog. Now let’s see what you must do to make money from your blog.

What it takes to make money from a blog

For a blog to make money, two ingredients are required. The first is reputation and the second is blog traffic. You cannot build a reputation for your blog by copying other peoples’ work, neither can you build reputation if you blog about everything. Your blog must be known for something. That is why it is important to focus your blog on a niche as it is easier to build a reputation on a niche blog.

Can you define the purpose of your blog in one sentence? If you can’t, then your readers will find it hard categorising your blog. Building a reputation simply means making it easy for your customers to associate your blog with your content. So that whenever they think about what you blog about they think about your blog. For example, if you blog about shoes, having a good reputation means that people looking for shoes will have your blog on top of their mind as well as recommend it to friends.

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The truth is that it takes time and hard work to build a blog reputation. So you need to be passionate about your niche to pull through. It will also take time to make money from your blog. To build a reputation you need to offer unique, relevant, keyword rich, and quality content. You should post something new on your blog every day, to keep it fresh. Differentiate yourself from other blogs in your niche. In addition, open social media pages (including Google+) for your blog and engage with your fans actively.

Make it easy for your readers to engage with you and your blog by providing feed subscriptions, social networking shares buttons and like buttons. Building a blog reputation takes time and hard work, but gradually one day at a time your blog will eventually get there.

As for the second part, which is building traffic, it goes simultaneously with building a blog reputation. Good content is the greatest asset that a blog has. Having unique, well researched, and well written content on your blog will keep readers coming back for more.

Search engines should be top on your traffic building strategy of any blog. This is because most people use search engines for looking for information on the internet. So, you need to learn latest SEO strategies and implement them on your blog. Do not also forget other traffic sources like social media, feeds, blog directories, email subscriptions, etc.

Once you have a reasonable traffic and reputation for your blog making money becomes easy. You can place your ads on your blog, sell directly to your visitors, or use advertising networks like adsense and you will see good results.

So, for beginner bloggers, learn how to build reputation and traffic first and keep making money for later. Even if you place 1 million ads on a blog with little traffic, it will make nothing or very little. So, now you know the secret of how to blog and make money.

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