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Make Money Blogging

5 Ways Blog Can Help Your Business

It is well proven that blogging is an essential part of business promotion these days. The process may appear critical, but once you start working in this direction, it is possible to achieve desired results in lesser time. No matter what kind of business you are running online, blogs can...
Make Money Blogging

4 Steps to Monetize your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is one of the most widespread Internet activities, with everyone from corporate organizations down to individuals feeling compelled to keep in touch with their respective customer bases on a regular basis. If you are already blogging about a subject which is dear to you, whether that's to do with...
How to be Successful in Blogging

How to be Successful in Blogging

Do you want to get success in blogging? Do you know, what makes bloggers successful in blogging? In this article, we will discuss what makes people success in blogging. Now we will share blogging tips collected by SEO Magnifier. Move to WordPress This is very important, because WordPress is the most popular...
Amazon Affiliate Programing

Making Money Online for your Amazon Affiliate Business Reviews

Let's start with answering the question - what is the Amazon affiliate program? Known as Amazon Associates Program, this affiliate marketing program helps website owners, bloggers and sellers on Amazon in making money through advertising products -- both used and new -- on amazon.com and its subsidiaries. Important Prerequisites The first...

Grammarly Android Keyboard

A lot of us love playing with words, but only a handful of us actually succeed to become great writers. This is because, no matter how perfectly we frame our scripts, there remains some or the other minute errors that tend to remain unnoticed. This invites the usage of a...
Make Money Blogging

6 Data-Driven Tips to Find the Best Topics for Your Blog

Thousands of bloggers are doing their best to become key opinion leaders in their niches, but most of them fail to succeed. With more than 30 million blog writers in the US alone, it is impossible to get a foot in the door unless you keep publishing quality posts...
Make Money Blogging

6 Ways Blogging can Benefit your Business

In this era of e-commerce, most businesses mark their presence online with at least a basic website. Larger businesses have very sophisticated websites while some also have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. They hire professional social media managers to interact with customers and business associates. Additionally, a lot of companies...
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

5 SEO Mistakes You Still Might Be Making Today

Optimizing SEO performance can be a tricky business, as you need to take into account a plenty of factors like website content, links, or new GDPR rules. Therefore, you should be aware of making these common mistakes. Until such mistakes are rooted out it will be one step forward...

Tech Bloggers Round Table for May 14

Nigeria's top Tech Bloggers will be converging at Jumia Nigeria's Head Quarters on Thursday, May 14 2015. Why? you may ask. Well, Jumia will be hosting a Tech Bloggers round table, where all the top tech bloggers in Nigeria will meet and interact with the top mobile brands in...

Linda Ikeji Blog Deleted by Google

Nigeria's number one blog Linda Ikeji's blog have been finally deleted by Google. A visit to the domain of the blog lindaikeji.blogspot.com returns a Blog has been removed message. The removal is probably connected to a number of copyright and defamation allegations against the blog over the years. Before its...

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