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All the Latest Umidigi Phones (formally Umi Phones). Find Specs, Features, Prices, and Shops where you can buy Umidigi Phones.

UmiDigi builds Android Phones and their smartphones are usually loaded with stock Android. The Mobile Phones are available at leading Online Stores like Gearbest, AliExpress, and Jumia.

Popular UmiDigi Phones

UmiDigi Bison | UmiDigi A9 | UmiDigi A11 | UmiDigi Power 5

UmiDigi A9 Pro 2021 | UmiDigi A7s | Umidigi A7 | Umidigi Bison GT

UmiDigi A9 Pro | UmiDigi Power 3

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Blackview A100

Blackview A100 Specs, Price and Best Deals

The Blackview A100 comes in as a more premium sibling to the Blackview A90. As a more premium sibling, it packs in a more capable package that sets it on a higher pedestal. It offers more RAM, more storage, a more appreciable design, and lots more. Taking a sum...
Umidigi Bison Pro

Umidigi Bison Pro Specs Price and Best Deals

The Umidigi Bison Pro is a more premium sequel to the standard Umidigi Bison 2021. It sets its self on a higher pedestal, by offering a more capable processor, which is basically the only major change here, as a large majority of its other offerings are reminiscences, more in...
Umidigi Bison 2021

UmiDigi Bison 2021 Specs, Price and Best Deals

Say hello to the Umidigi Bison 2021. Having kicked off its Rugged smartphones series with the first Gen Umidigi Bison and the gaming optimised Bison GT, Umidigi is back again with a follow-up smartphone dubbed the Umidigi Bison 2021. Making comparisons between the former and the latter shows an...
Umidigi Power 5

Umidigi Power 5 Specs, Price and Best Deals

Turns out Umidigi skipped the number 4, moving straight to the Umidigi Power 5, which succeeds the Umdigi Power 3. This move may be as associated with the fact that the "4" unlucky number in China. On the successive offerings, the Umidigi Power 5 doesn't really leave up to...
Umidigi A9 Pro 2021

Umidigi A9 Pro 2021 Specs, Price and Best Deals

The Umidigi A9 Pro 2021 can basically be described as a reminisce of the Umidigi A9 Pro debuted in 2020. It packs in too many reminisced features for a smartphone that is supposed to be a successor. However, it does pack in more RAM and an updated non-contact infrared...
Umidigi A11

Umidigi A11 Specs, Price and Best Deals

The Umidigi A11 can be described as a follow-up of the Umidgi A9 which was released earlier. The package on this smartphone shows Umidigi isn't far from its long-time system of smartphone delivery. Here we have an affordable Android smartphone with capable hardware. Where to Buy UmiDigi A11 Jumia Nigeria – See...
Umidigi Bison GT

Umidigi Bison GT Specs, Price and Best Deals

Umidigi Bison GT is a more power variant of the Bison optimised for gaming performance. The 'GT' moniker has so far been associated with high performance smartphones and for the Umidigi Bison GT, the story isn't different. Enthusiasts in the market for this device will be settling for a...
Umidigi A9

Umidigi A9 Specs, Price and Best Deals

The Umidigi A9 comes in as the standard / more affordable variant of the Umidigi A9 Pro. It is the world's first Android 11 with a built-in infrared temperature measurement. The android smartphone features a 6.53 display, Mediatek Helio G25 processor, and a 5150 mAh battery. Details on the...
Umidigi A9 Pro

Umidigi A9 Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Chinese smartphone maker has just announced Umidigi A9 Pro which is a budget smartphone to the A-series. And just as the name implies, the phone is the advanced version of the Umidigi A7 Pro device. It comes with  non-contact infrared temperature sensor, a feature it share with the...
Umidigi A7s

Umidigi A7s Specs, Price and Best Deals

Umidigi A7s is the first entry-level smartphone with a contactless thermometer, a feature it shares with the Umidigi A9 and Umidigi A9 Pro. The fact that many reputable smartphone brands have flooded the low budget market shows that it's going to take a lot more than having a low...