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oraimo FreePods 3 ENC

oraimo FreePods 3 – Perfect Environmental Noise Cancellation in Speech Mode...

In today’s world, Earbuds have become way more than high quality listening accessories meant for music alone, they’ve become lifestyle gadgets that play important roles in every aspect of our lives. AirPods form an input in our fashion; we sometimes wear them to complement our outfit and make a fashion statement without necessarily using them to listen to music whilst on the go. And why wouldn’t we? Honestly, they look really cool in all the shades in which they come. In many cases, they’re also a major part of our gym, work, yoga, and relaxation kit. The importance of this...

WD Red SN700 NVMe SSD Launched

Lagos, Nigeria., September 28, 2021 – Leveraging its strength and leadership in flash, Western Digital today announced the new WD Red SN700 NVMe SSD, a high-endurance, fast-caching solution that accelerates NAS performance for SMB customers. This powerful new drive is engineered to support 24/7 NAS environments and always-on applications with the ultimate in reliability and endurance. Its fast system responsiveness and I/O performance are perfect for multi-user, multi-application environments, letting SMBs tame their toughest projects from virtualization to collaborative editing to intensive database storage. Its slim “gum stick” design slips right into the NVMe-ready M.2 slot that is available in...
Oraimo FreePods 3 Launched

The New oraimo Freepods 3: Hear The Difference

We can't deny oraimo is blazing the trail, setting the marker as the best smart tech and mobile accessories giant in Nigeria, the brand is constantly and consistently driven to provide its consumers with the freedom to explore creativity through state-of-the-art product design/functionality; thereby ensuring a smart lifestyle among consumers. So, you can see why it’s hardly any surprise at the buzz and excitement surrounding their latest tech innovation. The new oraimo FreePods 3 is no doubt an upgrade and smart choice over every other competition/competitor out there. Now let's talk about this thing of beauty. Earbuds Like No Other The new oraimo...
WD Red Hard Drive in Box

WD Red Hard Drive Review

Choosing a drive designed for NAS which offers features tailored to preserve data and maintain optimal performance can be hassle. WD Red drives come with NASware 3.0 technology to balance performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. With NAS systems being always on, a reliable drive is essential, and reliability is a core of WD Red NAS hard drives. Built for NAS system compatibility WD Red (non-pro) drives are perfect for home and small business NAS systems with up to 8 bays running in a 24/7 environment while supporting up to a 180 TB/year workload rate. It delivers fast access...
AI Impacting the Recruitment Process

How AI Is Impacting the Recruitment Process

Think of a typical recruitment process. The HR department places job advertisements. They receive tons of applications, sometimes running into thousands.  The teams must go through all the resumes. It makes it possible for them to narrow down to those they feel may be the best fit.    The potential candidates come in for interviews. In the end, the HR manager makes a decision. The process can be time-consuming and expensive. Whether the applicant will be hired or not will depend on several factors. Of course, the competency level of the recruit should matter. But there is also the element of bias...
With OptiNAND, WD unveils Flash Enhanced Hard Drive

Western Digital Reimagines the Hard Drive with OptiNAND Technology

At the just concluded HDD Reimagine7 event, Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC) introduced a new flash-enhanced drive architecture that breaks traditional boundaries of storage. Building on the company’s unique ability to innovate with HDD and flash, the new storage architecture with OptiNAND™ technology optimizes and integrates HDDs with iNAND® embedded flash drives. This gives customers – like hyperscale cloud, CSPs, enterprises, smart video surveillance partners, NAS suppliers and more – a solution to meet the exponential growth in data creation by delivering the capacity, performance and reliability needed to store vast amounts of data today and well into the future. Leveraging...
Best Keyboards for Video Editing

The 5 Best Keyboards for Video Editing

Are you looking for some of the best keyboards for video editing? If yes, then this article is going to help you a lot. The demand for video editing is increasing day by day thanks to a large amount of video content we consume every day. Video editing sometimes becomes a very time-consuming process. However, you can speed it up with the help of a decent keyboard. A good video editing keyboard plays an important role in video editing and its importance can’t be overlooked. A good keyboard for video editing comes with different shortcuts that make your editing process quite...
Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver

Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver Price, Specs and Best Deals

Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver is portable with 508 dpi resolution, 1600 mw laser power thanks to the OSRAM laser chip. This wireless Laser Engraver has an engraving range of 100 x 90 mm, which allows you to print on large plates, architectural models as well as signs. The Alfawise C50 Mini  also adds a gyroscope, which can actively stop engraving in the event of any abnormal movement such as shaking, falling, and collision. In addition, it comes with heat dispersal and an accuracy glass focal point to enhance quality. Where to Buy Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver Jumia Nigeria –...
WD Elements SE SSD External Drive

WD Elements SE SSD: A New Pocket-Sized Portable SSD from Western...

Western Digital on August 2, 2021 announced the WD Elements SE SSD. This is a portable storage solution that marries pocket-sized design with performance. This compact device is a great solution for consumers who need a portable drive to move files fast. With the WD Elements SE SSD, the consumer is in control of their content across laptops, desktops and other devices, whether on the job or creating content for fun.   “For a long time, solid-state drives have been something that not all consumers could comfortably afford,” said Fabrizio Keller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager EMEA. “ "At Western Digital, we aim to make...
WD My Passport SSD

My Passport SSD: The Backup Drive that Saved my Business

If there is one thing people know about me, it’s that I carry my laptop everywhere. Everything I have, everything I do, everything I work on, is on that laptop, it has been a constant companion right from my university days even now it helps me navigate the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. So, it came as a shock to me when my laptop suddenly started hanging. I went into panic mode. As a new start-up, I only just started growing my client list, so I could not afford to lose key information this way. I quickly checked my storage and to...