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Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/26)

Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/26) Price, Specs, and Best Deals

Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/26) is the best to Iron everything from silk to jeans without adjusting the temperature all thanks to the OptimalTEMP technology giving you the perfect combination of heat and steam, for faster crease removal with no risk of burn or shine marks. Where to Buy Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/26) Jumia Nigeria – See Offers It comes with a 300ml water tank with an extra-large filling hole and an extra-long 3m power cord. This iron automatic switch-off after 8 minutes when left standing, or 30 seconds when on its soleplate. Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/26) Key Features  Delivers...
Articulated Robot

3 Types of Injuries Collaborative Robots Help to Prevent

Workplace injuries are a major concern for most small businesses in the manufacturing sector. This is because these injuries affect employee morale, lead to a drop in productivity, increase insurance costs, and in some cases lead to litigation. If your company is in the manufacturing industry, there is an easy way of getting rid of, or at least minimizing, the headaches that are usually associated with workplace injuries. Manufacturing automation is the easiest and most straightforward method of doing so. This is so especially if you choose to automate your operations by deploying collaborative robots. The following are some of the...

ONSON GOOVI F007c Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

ONSON GOOVI F007c is a 2000Pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with impressive features that includes Quiet Multiple Cleaning Modes, a Self-Charging Vacuum with Boundary Strips, for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, and Medium-Pile Carpets. It has a climb degree of 12-15° with a 0.5L large-capacity trash storage box and a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery. Where to Buy ONSON GOOVI F007c Vacuum Cleaner Amazon US – See Offers ONSON GOOVI F007c Key Specs and Features 2000 Pa Max Suction Power infrared Sensors 0.5L Large Dust Tank HEPA Filter 12-15° Climb Rate 2 Magnetic 6.6ft Strips 4 Side Brushes Remote Control Automatic loading Anti-fall system to detect 2600...
Vertical Blind

Learn the Simple Steps to Connect Window Blinds with Wi-Fi

Internet of things (IoT) has become embedded in the lifestyle of the modern day individuals. It has become the need of the hour as we are getting more and more dependent on the technology. In the times when everything has become mechanized how can the good old blinds be left behind? Like many other things, these have also been automated to facilitate better operation. Embedded with the latest technology motorized blinds offer the ease of drawing and lifting with just the click of a button or even with the voice command. These blinds are either powered by batteries or require electric...
Vacuum Cleaners - Advantages and Disadvantages

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, it comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. But the same applies to any other electronic appliance in general. With the advancement of technology, every single year, we are coming up with new uses of vacuum cleaner. Even the manufacturers are also offering the right value for the buck, with new shinning bodies, attractive features, and latest designs. The sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the various pros and cons of vacuum cleaner one should be aware of. What Exactly is a Vacuum Cleaner? A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that...
Oximeter - Medical Sensor Equipment

Medical Sensor Equipment: What Should I Check Before making a Pandemic...

With the recent risks around Covid 19, individuals are finding themselves picking up personal testing devices with greater frequency. While these can potentially help with tracking personal health, it is important to make sure that you choose a device that is right for you and properly validated. So, why exactly are people taking the time to pick them up and what should you check before making a purchase? What are the most Popular Devices When it comes to monitoring personal health, two devices lead the charge – blood pulse oximeters and pressure cuffs. These allow you to check the level of blood...

Yeelight 1SE E27 6W Smart Energy Efficient RGBW LED Bulb Specs,...

Yeelight 1SE E27 is a smart energy efficient LED bulb that can light up your home in style. The smart bulb made by Xiaomi can deliver light in up to 16 million different colours. You virtually pick any colour you want. The Yeelight 1SE E27 also supports App control, voice control, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Where to Buy Yeelight 1SE E27 AliExpress – See Offers Yeelight 1SE E27 Key Specs and Features Smart LED Bulb 6W Power Consumption Voice Control App Control Supports Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa Up to 16 million Colours 1700K to 6500K Colour Temperature 65 lumens to 650...
Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Smart AI Cleaner Price, Specs, Best Deals

Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum cleaner is a new model of smart AI vacuum built by Xiaomi, together with Viomi  by combining the advantages of scientific sweeping and healthy mopping to give you a spotless home. This Robotic vacuum cleaner comes with 550ml dust tank, 550ml water tank, 2600 Pa suction power, LDS laser sensor, and Support 5 maps and 7 scheduled. Where to Buy Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Gearbest – See Offers Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Key Specs & Features 550ml large water and dust tank Anti-Collision System Y-type simulated manual cleaning system with...
Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum

Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price and Specs

Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum is an upgraded vacuum with UV disinfection. This robotic vacuum cleaner features 300ml Electronic Control Water Tank, 3 Levels of Water Adjustment, 600ml Dust Box, 1800Pa Large Suction and also a 2600mAh battery capacity. Where to Buy Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Jumia Nigeria – See Offers The Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum an upgraded version of the  V8S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses Gyroscope Navigation,  intelligent scene control, virtual wall, remote control as well as Voice Control system for effective cleaning. Alfawise V8s Max Robot Vacuum Key Specs & Features 350ml Water Tank 600ml Dust Tank ...

15+ Best Smart Kitchen Appliances for You

As time progresses, we see ourselves surrounded by technology even more. The spread is so rampant, that you may find it not only in your professional spaces but in your kitchens too. Smart kitchens are now in trend, featuring some smart appliances making your kitchen routine a peaceful bliss. Tag along with us today to know about these smart kitchen appliances and how will they make your lives easier. Smart Kitchen Thermometer First up on our list of smart appliances is the smart kitchen thermometer. As the name suggests, this nifty thermometer connects to your smartphone, via an app and updates you on...