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Home Theater Projector

How to Choose a Right Projector for Your Home Theater

There are different types of projectors, we have the business projectors, home theater projector and Pico projector. Each of these projectors, although they can handle any type of media, have their own peculiar use and function. There are two basic classes of home theater projectors as well; the LCD (Light...
4 Practical Ways In Choosing Kitchen Appliances: From Concept to Creation

4 Practical Ways to Choosing Kitchen Appliances: From Concept to Creation

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without appliances. It plays a significant role in the overall functionality of your kitchen. They serve as the permanent constituent that completes your daily kitchen task performance. So, with your kitchen as the busiest area in your house, your choice of getting the right array...
Coffee Maker Guide - Coffee Making

Coffee Maker Guide (An Introduction)

Winter is almost here. The most consumed drink to kill the chill of winter is coffee. A perfect cup of coffee is not something easy to make. There were times when people used to prepare coffee with their hands spending hours on mixing. Those times are over. Technology has made...
best twin tub washing machines 2018

Buying Guide: The Best Twin Tub Washing Machines 2018

Got the space, money and need for a washing machine, but don’t know which is the best one to go for? Twin tub washing machines will serve you well, especially if you’ll be using it for either a large household, business or both. Follow us as we fish out...
5 Home Products to Have in 2018

5 Home Products That You Should Have in 2018

With so many things to do in a limited span of time, life can become annoying in absence of suitable home products. Imagine cleaning your room manually without a vacuum cleaner or a mop.Don’t you think it will increase your workload dramatically? The combination of electrical and non-electrical home appliances...
7 Best Microwave Ovens to Purchase for Various Needs

7 Best Microwave Ovens to Purchase for Various Needs

Whether for a home or work kitchen, you will find out that it is overwhelming to sift through the available microwave oven options in the market. True, all of them will heat up your food, but not all of them will give you the kind of quality that you...
iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba Vacuums Will Soon Map Out Your Home’s WiFi Coverage

While your high-tech iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner sweeps your floor, it will record Wi-Fi coverage information and build a map that highlights Wi-Fi dead zones. The popular robotic vacuums, Roomba, are about to unveil a new trick. A few years ago, they were finally able to map a home space,...
Home Appliences to Buy on Black Friday - A Polystar Split Unit Air Conditioner

Home Appliances to Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is a great time to buy home appliances. During Black Friday, you can find huge savings on home appliances from . Here we show home appliances to be on the lookout for during Black Friday sales. Today Jumia will be offering amazing deals on Home Appliances in Nigeria...

Top Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria – Top Loaders

Top Load Washing Machines are models of washers loaded from the top. Their major advantage is their lower price tags. Their design also allows for more compact and more generator friendly models. Top Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 15,000 Naira for the compact models to up...
Compact Portable Washing Machine

Compact & Portable Washing Machines in Nigeria – Mini Washers

Contrary to what you may think, you may not actually need to shell-out a lot of cash to buy a washing machine. With as low as 18,000 Naira, you can buy a compact washing machine in the country. Mini washing machines may not be as sophisticated as larger models,...

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