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vacuum cleaning product for home

IoT Making Domestic Cleaning Is Easier Than Ever Before

Modern technology is often geared towards removing repetitive tasks and making day-to-day life more convenient. With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics finding that the average person spends 180 hours a year cleaning, it's little wonder than the cleaning industry is one of the most recently pursued sectors by technologists. The...
AmazonBasics Microwave Oven

7 Things to Consider when Buying a Microwave Oven

Some electrical appliances have become an essential part of a kitchen today, and a microwave oven is among them, especially in the cities where life moves at a breakneck speed. From baking cakes to defrosting meat, microwave ovens help us in several kitchen tasks. And when it comes choosing, a...
Bathroom restroom washroom

Best Solution For Every Restroom Environment

When it comes to designing a public restroom, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. From hygiene to prevent health hazards and even using solutions that are Eco-friendly and sustainable, the design process needs to take all these aspects into consideration. So, if you’re remodeling a...
Water Purifier

How Does a Water Purifier Work – A Brief Explanation

Everyone is familiar with water purifiers, we often saw it in our houses, offices, etc. but did you ever thought how did they work? The science and technology behind the working of water purifiers, today we're going to talk about all that. Primarily there are two techniques that were adopted...
Air Conditioner - AC Unit

4 Way to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your AC Unit

As we’re moving towards the future, it’s important that we do our part to help reduce our energy consumption. The responsibility of saving the environment falls upon everyone, which is why we need to ensure that we do our part. You should start looking for ways to do that...
High Tech Toilets

The Future of High-Tech Toilets

A toilet is one of the most common things found in every home. If you have the privilege of living in a modern society, you can't imagine life without it. Although an average human spends about 90 days sitting on the toilet seat over the course of a lifetime, most...
Air Purifier One Concept CTR-1

Best Air Purifiers – Opinions on what you should Buy

Today we bring a list of the best air purifiers you can find today. And, sometimes, the air of a home may not be the best. A purifier solves this problem. Of course, any purifier is not worth it. So, be careful when you will buy an air purifier! Where...
Tips and Guidelines How to Repair Electric Stove

How to Repair Electric Stove? Tips and Guidelines:

Breakdown of the electric stove is a fairly common problem. Of course, in such a situation it is easiest to take the phone and call the experts. But, take your time. In many cases, the repair of the stove can be in your own hands. How to do this...
Home Theater Projector

How to Choose a Right Projector for Your Home Theater

There are different types of projectors, we have the business projectors, home theater projector and Pico projector. Each of these projectors, although they can handle any type of media, have their own peculiar use and function. Where to Buy Projectors Jumia Nigeria View Offers | Gearbest View Offers | AliExpress View...
4 Practical Ways In Choosing Kitchen Appliances: From Concept to Creation

4 Practical Ways to Choosing Kitchen Appliances: From Concept to Creation

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without appliances. It plays a significant role in the overall functionality of your kitchen. They serve as the permanent constituent that completes your daily kitchen task performance. So, with your kitchen as the busiest area in your house, your choice of getting the right array...