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Full Air Conditioners Specifications, Prices, and Reviews. Find Details of Online Stores and Brick and Mortar Store where you can buy Air Conditioners. Samsung, LG, Hisense, Panasonic, Haier Thermocool, Polystar, Midea, Bruhm, Scanfrost, and Nexus, are the leading Air Conditioner brands to consider.
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Unlock the Power of HVAC Management Software: Streamline your Business Today!

Managing a successful HVAC business requires the right tools and software. But how do you choose the best HVAC management software for your company? With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the best HVAC management software that offers all of the features necessary for streamlining scheduling, automating invoicing, and optimizing efficiency. To understand why HVAC management software is vital in today's competitive market and to learn about its key advantages, this blog post provides further insight. Read on to learn more about how this powerful tool can help take your business to new heights. Streamline Scheduling Our HVAC...
How to Clean Air Conditioner Condenser Coils

How to Clean Air Conditioner Condenser Coils

Air conditioners have become an integral part of our daily lives. Many of us cannot function without them, especially on hot days. But part of the reason they work so efficiently is regular cleaning and maintenance, and cleaning the condenser coils is vital to how well the system works. The condenser coils release heat from the air conditioning system into the atmosphere to ensure there is no overheating. They also condense the refrigerant during the cooling process. However, they get dirty over time because of their location in the outdoor unit. Therefore, cleaning your air conditioner once or twice a year...

Countries where Air Conditioning is in the Highest Demand

Scorching heat waves continue to break records across the globe thanks to the rising temperatures, examples include France which reached a sweltering 45.9°C and Australia hitting 49.5°C. It was reported that Siberia experienced a period of unusually high temperatures, June being record-breaking, noted at 38 degrees Celsius in the town of Verkhoyansk.  The Rising Demand for AC’s: The rising temperatures are the main reason why there is an increase in demand for air-conditioners (ACS). Nigeria, China, India, Singapore, and Indonesia will account for half of the total number of units by 2050. This will mean estimates of 16% increase in global electricity...
Important Facts about Air Purifiers

5 Important Facts about Air Purifiers

Clean air is an essential requirement for good health, but with the quality of air depleting with every passing day, getting clean air to breathe in is becoming a luxury. The major cities across the globe are often engulfed in a thick blanket of smog making it difficult to breathe. The only respite is in the form of an air purifier, which if you install in your homes, offices and cars makes the air clean and breathable at least indoors. Here are some important facts about this technological marvel called air purifier. 1. Air Purifiers Have Different Types of Filters There are...
scroll pump

What is a Scroll Pump, and How do they Work?

A scroll pump, also known as a scroll vacuum pump or scroll compressor, is a compressor that incorporates a unique design and runs in a circular motion, instead of an up-and-down piston action. Its use is becoming more prevalent in HVAC systems because it provides more efficiency and reliability compared to other reciprocating types. Moreover, integrated into a scroll pump is an orbiting scroll which rotates through using a swing link and one scroll that remains motionless. Whenever this happens, the refrigerant pockets positioned between the two scrolls get pushed gradually towards the two scrolls’ center hence reducing the volume...
Buy Air Cooler - Air Conditioner

Buying an Air Cooler for your Room this Summer

The summer has set in, pushing the mercury level upwards. So, it’s time to give yourself some much-needed relief from the harsh sun and cool your home with an air cooler. A budget-friendly alternative to an air conditioner, an air cooler is also known for low energy consumption. Where to Buy Air Coolers Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers These are electric appliances that cool the air using the water evaporation technique. To use an air cooler, you need to manually fill the internal water tank with water. Also, unlike an air conditioner, it is extremely portable which makes...
Air Conditioner - AC Unit

4 Way to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your AC Unit

As we’re moving towards the future, it’s important that we do our part to help reduce our energy consumption. The responsibility of saving the environment falls upon everyone, which is why we need to ensure that we do our part. You should start looking for ways to do that sooner rather than later. Aside from being good for the world, reducing your energy consumption is beneficial for you as well. This is because you won’t have to spend as much money on your energy spending. With that said, here are five tips on how to cut down your energy usage on...
Air Purifier One Concept CTR-1

Best Air Purifiers – Opinions on what you should Buy

Today we bring a list of the best air purifiers you can find today. And, sometimes, the air of a home may not be the best. A purifier solves this problem. Of course, any purifier is not worth it. So, be careful when you will buy an air purifier! Where to Buy Air Purifier Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Which one is the Top Air Purifier on The Market? As you can imagine, talking about the best air purifier in the market, is a bit complicated, because each person has their own preferences when determining which is the...
Air Conditioning Unit

Keeping A Cool Home: 10 Steps to Maintain Your Air-conditioning Unit

Maintaining your air-conditioning unit will give you a lot of benefits such as saving money and energy. Through cleaning your air-conditioning unit regularly, you’ll be able to extend its lifespan. The essence of regularly cleaning your air-conditioning unit means making sure that it is operating at the highest efficiency level. The primary purpose of your air-conditioning system is to dissipate heat and help spread cool air around your room. The compressor of your air-conditioning system removes the heat-laden vapor from the evaporator which helps to cool the air in the inside. Here are ten steps to maintain your air-conditioning unit: Step 1:...
Air Purifiers for Basements - IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Basements

The quality of the air we breath both indoors and outdoors is decreasing year by year. We have made our environment much worse than days before, so today Air purifiers are becoming more of a necessity for clean breathing. Where to Buy Air Purifier Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers While a polluted environment is one of the issues we face in degrading air quality, there are other factors which can make air quality low, especially indoors. These are allergies for specific pet danders, hairs, toxins, pollen, microbes, pathogens and certain types of mold spores. The later of which...