Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2021: Top Picks from Top Brands

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands
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Currently, the heat is the reason for the season. That has increased the rate at which people prefer cold products to warm/ hot ones. If that, or any other reason, then puts you in the market for a new refrigerator, here are some of the best refrigerators to buy in 2021.

The list below has taken everything into consideration. Right from the price ranges to the functionality and solidness in engineering, we have made sure to include only the best and coolest (all pun intended) options in this list.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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1. Haier Thermocool HRF-300 LUX

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands

Designed by Haier Thermocool, this refrigerator is capable of holding a volume of up to 339L. Coming with a double-door design, the refrigerator makes sure to pack the features of a fridge and deep freezer into one.

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Speaking of deep freezers, it is worthy of note that the HRF-300 LUX makes use of the direct cooling technology. The aim of this innovation is to ensure that items in the refrigerator lose heat faster and are kept cool and fresh up to 100 hours after a power outage.

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That singular feature makes it a welcome introduction to the Nigerian market where we have issues of interrupted power supply. If you live in a shared space, you can ensure your items in the refrigerator remains safe since there is a lock and key system built into the design.

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With a depth of 675mm complementing the width of 595mm, the HRF-300 LUX is a wonderful bargain from Haier Thermocool

2. HiSense REF 67 WS

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands

Available in silver, the HiSense REF 67 WS is a refrigerator that would take up to a volume of 516 litres before it reaches its full capacity. The refrigerator has been developed with a lot of features in mind, all aimed at giving the user the best experience while using the appliance.

For one, this unit ships with a Multi-air flow system that guarantees the exchange of heat in faster and more efficient ways. What that simply translates to is that there would be Super Freeze and Super Cool functions enabled on the unit.

Likewise, the refrigerator has been designed to emit low noise. Constant humming of a fridge can sometimes be unsettling, but that is not to be worried about here. Other features that are notable include the touch button controls, an alarm system rigged to the door of the fridge and also, optimisations to make the model an environmental-friendly one.

3. LG Refrigerator 221ALLB

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands

If there is one thing LG excels at, it is making appliances for the home. Opting for a single door design, this is a great option for those who would like to use their unit for a specific function that the fridge unit serves.

Standing at a height of 8 cubic feet, capacity is surely not an issue for the unit which can hold as much as 221 litres. Containing two glass shelves for separation of food classes in the fridge, an internal lighting system was also thrown into the mix.

What would be most important to someone wanting their cold/ fresh food/ drink is the compressor, of which LG used the linear type. Available in silver, the Asian manufacturer offers this unit at an almost irresistible bargain.

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4. Samsung 206L Duracool Chest Freezer

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands

Samsung also took a one-compartment approach to their Duracool Chest Freezer, making it a deep freezer for all kinds of products instead. The freezer can hold as much as 206L worth of content and carries a powerful compressor.

The compressor on this unit is so powerful, Samsung guarantees it can work at temperatures of 50 degree Celsius and still keep the food in it fresh up to 110 hours after the power has been cut.

Digging deeper, the freezer unit is an award-winning, power saving unit. Not only would it make sure the food in it is well preserved, it would also do that while consuming the least possible energy. Other features on the side are two wire baskets and an all-aluminium interior.

To sweeten the deal, this is one refrigerator you might not need to worry about getting a stabiliser unit for.

5. Samsung 305 Refrigerator

Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2018: Top Picks from Top Brands

Going for a simple yet elegant design is the only way Samsung could have hidden the sophistication that lies underneath the surface of this unit.

Out of the box comes a Samsung 305 refrigerator, sporting a digital inverter compressor and working to satisfy any type of cooling preferences you could have. Unlike everyday compressors, the digital inverter compressor starts and keeps working with whatever kind of cooling demand you had in mind.

The user is even given the option to change the cooling conditions to about seven different options as they see fit. On the back of that, the unit still manages to utilise lesser energy for cooling your products and emits less noise.

To give you peace of mind on what you are getting, Samsung has slapped a 10-year warranty claim on each unit that goes out from stores.


Deep-freezers, one door, two doors, standing and chest freezers, and so much more. This list has done a rundown of nearly all the categories refrigerators out here might fall into. As a plus, the list has also done one more – brought you only the most trusted names in that category. Before the year runs out, which of these best refrigerators to buy in 2021 would you be getting?

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