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Buying an Air Cooler for your Room this Summer

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The summer has set in, pushing the mercury level upwards. So, it’s time to give yourself some much-needed relief from the harsh sun and cool your home with an air cooler. A budget-friendly alternative to an air conditioner, an air cooler is also known for low energy consumption.

Where to Buy Air Coolers

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These are electric appliances that cool the air using the water evaporation technique. To use an air cooler, you need to manually fill the internal water tank with water.

Also, unlike an air conditioner, it is extremely portable which makes it easy to install and place in every corner of your room without any trouble. What’s more, it is environment-friendly as it doesn’t emit harmful gasses like CFC into the environment.

If you wish to buy an air cooler to beat the heat this summer, look out for the following features to make the right decision.

Type of Air Cooler

Midea Air Cooler

Though air coolers come in various types, the two most popular ones are personal air coolers and desert coolers, each suitable for different conditions. The desert variant is most useful in dry climate regions and is larger than its counterpart. Because of its jumbo size, it can cool large rooms in a jiffy.

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It uses huge water tanks and has large fans to deliver cool air that covers every corner of the room. You can also use these outdoors.

In contrast, a personal air cooler is designed for humid weather conditions. It is enough to cool down a small room or specific areas of a large room. It consumes lesser energy and is also quieter.

Water Tank Capacity

As you know, an air cooler works based on the evaporative cooling method. The machine converts water into water vapor, thus reducing the air temperature of the air that is blown outside by blower or fan.

The larger the water tank, the longer the hours of cool air. So, select the right size water tank capacity based on the size of your cooling area. While desert air coolers have water tank capacities ranging between 31 and 50 liters, personal air coolers have water tanks ranging from 20 to 30 liter.

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Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are also an important consideration when buying an air cooler. This is because these directly impact the cooling capacity as they absorb water and let air flow through them.

Thicker cooling pads are better than thinner ones as they are better at cooling. These are either made of cellulose or aspen.

While aspen pads are cheaper, need high maintenance, and have a short life, cellulose pads that look like honeycomb are thicker and require low maintenance. Also, these have a higher life. Cost wise, cellulose is on the higher-end.


The metric used to measure the airflow of an air cooler is cubic feet per minute (CFM). To calculate the right capacitated water tanker for an air cooler that suits your room, divide the area of your room in terms of cubic feet by two.

The air flow also depends on whether an air cooler is equipped with a fan or a blower. Fans are used in big air coolers as they create low-pressure airflow.

In contrast, blowers are used in small coolers as they create high-pressure airflow. Also, choose an air cooler having multiple speed settings, so you can control the airflow to suit the climate.

To enjoy air movement in all directions of the room, look for an air cooler with automatic swing movement.


Summers and power cuts combine in India, leading to more discomfort. In places like Delhi where summers are extreme, you cannot do without an air cooler for even a moment.

So, buying an air cooler that runs on an inverter will go a long way. Also, air coolers that work on inverters consume up to 50% less energy than their counterparts. They are suitable for places with constant power cuts.

Remote Control

An air cooler having a remote control gives quick access to settings in terms of fan speed. This means you don’t have to get up and run to the air cooler over and over again to adjust the speed.

With this comprehensive guide to buying the best air cooler, you are set to select the right one. Evaluate your needs and weigh them against the above features to narrow down on the ideal air cooler.

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