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OLED TVs offer amazing picture quality, thanks to the self emitting property of the display that leads to infinite contrast and deeper black. Find Specs, Features, and Price of OLED TVs from leading brands. Find Stores where you can buy OLED TVs for an amazing viewing experience.


Sony A8F OLED TV Key Specs and Price

Being a pioneering brand in the OLED TV technology ecosystem, Sony unveils the A8F OLED TV that sports the company's regular top-of-the-line image processing and brilliant viewing angles. With the A8F, Sony has improved on some shortcomings that many users of its previous OLED TV models have complained about....

LG B6 4K UHD OLED TV Specs and Price

LG B6 shares several similarities with both the C6 and E6 OLED TVs from its maker, although it is close to the former in terms of price. The LG B6 OLED TV boasts exceptional colours, Perfect Black and superb HDR performance at a price that is not totally outrageous. Where...

LG EG9100 OLED TV Specs and Price

LG EG9100 is one of the more affordable OLED TV offerings of comparative size you will find on the market. The smart TV, part of its maker's 2016 line-up, promises awesome viewing - better than what just any plasma or LCD set can offer. Where to Buy LG EG9100 OLED...
LG E6 ultra HD OLED TV

LG E6 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Specs and Price

LG E6 is a member of its Korean maker's OLED TV line-up built to deliver highly thrilling viewing experience, closer to what filmmakers had in mind. The premium set promises deepest of blacks, awesome colours and 'Infinite' contrast for jaw-dropping picture quality. Where to Buy LG E6 4K OLED TV Jumia...

LG G6 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Specs and Price

LG G6 (different from the premium smartphone) is the top of the line in its Korean maker's 2016 range of OLED TVs in all aspects. The top-end 4K TV set offers all the awesome features available in the line-up, including OLED HDR with Dolby Vision and Harman Kardon audio. Where...

LG C6 4K UHD OLED TV Specs and Price

LG C6 is an OLED TV that will appeal to buyers who love the LG E6 but prefer something curved and slightly more affordable. The feature lists are almost identical, including OLED HDR, Cinematic Colour and an improved LG Smart TV OS. Where to Buy LG C6 Curved 4K OLED...

LG 55-inch Curved OLED TV – EA9700 – Specs & Price

LG 55EA9700 is a 55-inch Curved OLED TV. The TV delivers an immersive viewing experience with a full HD Curved OLED Screen. Experience 3D viewing on TV like never before with the outstanding contrast and depth of an OLED display. Stream Media online or from your PC, tablet or...

Curved TVs at CES 2014 from LG & Samsung

Curved TVs had a big showing at CES 2014 in Las Vegas with Samsung and LG leading the charge. The two companies showed off their models at the Consumer Electronics Show as the next best thing, but most reviewers are not convinced calling it a "gimmick". However, it is...

OLED TV in Nigeria the next Generation TV

OLED TV is the next evolution in the story of the TV. They add an O (organic) to your state of the art LED TV. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology is an advanced display technology that enables televisions to be thinner, lighter, more energy efficient and deliver brighter...

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