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Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero Specs and Price

Talk about innovations and the smartphone universe will leave your mouths wide open. All the way from China, Meizu has delivered the world’s first portless smartphone called the Meizu Zero. This was the same OEM that came out with the Meizu Pro 7 that had a secondary display on...

Meizu C9 Pro Specs and Price

Building into the same body, the Meizu C9  Pro comes with more or less the same design as the Meizu C9. The changes occurred on the inside, with the same display, battery and design on the two smartphones. However, the storage space, RAM and front camera on the Meizu...
Meizu C9

Meizu C9 Specs and Price

Introducing a budget smartphone from the Chinese OEM, Meizu which is also known for their value for price approach. The Meizu C9 comes with just about the common low-level specs and otherwise conventional design. There is no dual camera facade neither is there a notch, just a simple looking...
Meizu Note 8

Meizu Note 8 Specs and Price

Riding on the back of a new chipset, Meizu introduces its new mid-range smartphone named Meizu Note 8. The smartphone is somewhat the same as the several others in that category offering just about that level of features for the average user. This is introduced with at a reasonable...
Meizu 16X

Meizu16X Specs and Price

Marking its 16 year anniversary gave birth to the Meizu 16 and 16 Plus and now there is a new addition. The Meizu 16X is the cheapest of the bunch and still offers a close spec sheet with the rest. It maintains a similar build with its predecessor but...
Meizu X8

Meizu X8 Specs and Price

Meizu just recently entered the flagship scene and with it has a list of what you'd call near high-end smartphones where the Meizu X8 belongs to. The smartphone comes with a powerful mid-range Qualcomm chipset with an equally impressive display.  Speaking of display, well you cam say Meizu is...
Meizu V8 Pro

Meizu V8 Pro Specs and Price

Announced in it's launch event alongside the Meizu V8, the Meizu V8 Pro comes with improved features and a more premium look. Despite being some likeness between both smartphones, the Meizu V8 Pro can clearly be differentiated from the base model. Nonetheless, the smartphone right here is still a...
Meizu V8

Meizu V8 Specs and Price

Meizu is a Chinese brand that is not so popular as it is in the Asian market in this part of the world even though it has been around for a while now. It has smartphones ranging from entry-level to high-end smartphones. The Meizu V8 was launched in Beijing,...
Meizu 16 Plus

Meizu 16 Plus Specs and Price

At the launch of the Meizu 16, there was another smartphone that you was introduced and it comes as the more premium version. The Meizu 16 Plus is the best of the pair and it comes with a bigger screen, RAM and storage space than the Meizu 16. That...
Meizu 16

Meizu 16 Specs and Price

The Meizu 16 has been in the pipe for a while now with leaks and rumours flying around. The smartphone is here and guess what? It will be Meizu"s first high-end flagship to be made. It follows the recent smartphone trends when it has to do with the design...

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