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Meizu 18

Meizu 18 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Meizu 18 is the latest smartphone from the company. The device arrives with Meizu 18 Pro. The android phone has top-notch specifications that include a 120Hz refresh rate display and a powerful Snapdragon 888. Where to Buy Meizu 18 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers There are no ads built into the...
Meizu 18 Pro

Meizu 18 Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Meizu 18 Pro is the advanced version of the Meizu 18 smartphone. The phone packs Samsung 50 MP cameras set-up with a bigger battery and also has support for both fast and wireless charging technology. Where to Buy Meizu 18 Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Meizu 18 Pro Key Specs...
Meizu 17 Pro

Meizu 17 Pro Specs and Price

The Meizu 17 Pro brings a more premium package to the Meizu 17 series of smartphones. Comparing it to it's less premium siblings, you get an improved chassis build, improved cameras, more RAM, and lots more. This article covers the Meizu 17 Pro specs and price, which will help...
Meizu 17

Meizu 17 Specs and Price

Recent smartphone releases have shown that you necessarily do not have to spend $1000 or more to get a flagship smartphone. The Meizu 17 is one of such smartphones. It offers flagship specs for a price tag that falls in the $500 range. This article explores the Meizu 17...
Meizu 16s

Meizu 16s Specs and Price

Meizu is no newbie in the mobile phone world. Recently, their relevance in our world has been increased by the Meizu 16s. It’s the successor to last year’s flagship smartphone – Meizu 16. This new premium device packs the latest of tech in the chipset segment, camera unit and...
Meizu Note 9

Meizu Note 9 Specs and Price

Meizu Note 9 is another interesting mid-range smartphone that got into the market through Chinese OEM, Meizu. The upper mid-range device succeeds the Meizu Note 8 in the Note series. Updated with the Snapdragon 675 chip, the affordable phone coughs out smooth performance in real time. Also, it comes...
Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero Specs and Price

Talk about innovations and the smartphone universe will leave your mouths wide open. All the way from China, Meizu has delivered the world’s first portless smartphone called the Meizu Zero. This was the same OEM that came out with the Meizu Pro 7 that had a secondary display on...

Meizu C9 Pro Specs and Price

Building into the same body, the Meizu C9  Pro comes with more or less the same design as the Meizu C9. The changes occurred on the inside, with the same display, battery and design on the two smartphones. However, the storage space, RAM and front camera on the Meizu...
Meizu C9

Meizu C9 Specs and Price

Introducing a budget smartphone from the Chinese OEM, Meizu which is also known for their value for price approach. The Meizu C9 comes with just about the common low-level specs and otherwise conventional design. There is no dual camera facade neither is there a notch, just a simple looking...
Meizu Note 8

Meizu Note 8 Specs and Price

Riding on the back of a new chipset, Meizu introduces its new mid-range smartphone named Meizu Note 8. The smartphone is somewhat the same as the several others in that category offering just about that level of features for the average user. This is introduced with at a reasonable...