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Meizu M6T

Meizu M6T Specs and Price

Meizu might not be a popular choice for most of the smartphone users in this part of the world but it does have quite a list of decent smartphones. The Meizu M6T is one of its most recent works and like the ones before it offers great specs at...
Meizu E3

Meizu E3 Specs and Price

One of the smartphones rumoured to be coming with the new MediaTek P60 is the new Meizu E3 and unfortunately does not come with the said chipset but rather goes for a Qualcomm SoC. The Meizu E3 is a mid-range smartphone and has some quite interesting offering and design....
Meizu M6s

Meizu M6s Specs and Price

Meizu is one of the leading brands from China and its recent smartphone have some pioneering features that makes it stand out from anything you've seen from the smartphone manufacturer. The Meizu M6s comes with a side fingerprint sensor that also doubles as an halo button with some mBack...

Meizu Pro 7 Plus Specs and Price

Meizu is one of the few Chinese OEMs that is known for their premium build smartphones. Like the Meizu Pro 7, the Meizu Pro 7 Plus also comes with the innovative secondary display. The Meizu Pro 7 Plus also boasts of a powerful hardware so you need not worry...
Meizu M5 Note

Meizu M5 Note Specs and Price

Internationally Meizu might not be as recognized as they are in China but they do have some interesting smartphones on sale internationally and one of them is Meizu M5 Note. The budget smartphone comes with a nice metallic unibody design and a vibrant display amongst a number of other...
Meizu M5s

Meizu M5s Specs and Price

Meizu like most Chinese OEMS are popular when it comes to making entry level smartphones and the Meizu M5s is no difference. The smartphone which is made from metallic materials which is not really common in this category of smartphones, as they comes with a polycarbonate casing or a...
Meizu M5c

Meizu M5c Specs and Price

You probably have not heard of Meizu before but over the years Meizu has grown to a brand that is not only known in Asia but in the western part of the world and here. It's entry level smartphone, the Meizu M5c should give you a perspective view of...
Meizu M6 Note

Meizu M6 Note Specs and Price

Mid range smartphones happens to be one of the most busy category in the smartphone market. This is because more people want a fairly powerful device without having to pay much. The Meizu M6 Note is one of the smartphones to look out for especially if you are the...
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 Specs and Price

Most smartphones being made now usually look like other well known brand especially ones made by Chinese OEMs. The Meizu Pro 7 is actually very much different as it features a unique unconventional approach to it's design. Aside that it also has a secondary colour touchscreen at the back...

Meizu M6 Specs and Price

This is one of the Camera focused entry level smartphones that provides you with decent pictures. The smartphone is available for a price that doesn't tear your pocket so you don't have to pay more for a smartphone with a nice camera. The Meizu M6 offers a fairly decent spec...