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All about Samsung Galaxy Phones, Tizen Phones and Tablets. Find the specs, features, prices, and stores where you can buy Samsung Galaxy Devices. You can checkout the latest Samsung Galaxy Phones in this section.

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Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy M30s offers some upgrades to the Galaxy M30. While Samsung is still busy expanding its line of midrange devices, they have given us a refresher of the regular Galaxy M30 which we have come to see in the market. Adding a few features here and there, improving...
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is the most affordable Samsung smartphone to offer 5G connectivity at this time. Samsung promised that it would be launching an affordable 5G unit in the market, and the South Korean OEM followed up that promise with the release of the Galaxy A90 5G. Combining...
Samsung Galaxy A50s

Samsung Galaxy A50s Specs and Price

Samsung launches varieties of Galaxy phones each year. We have seen the Galaxy A50 and now a slight upgrade in the Samsung Galaxy A50s. Samsung Galaxy A50s is more or less like the Galaxy A50, but with an upgraded camera. Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy A50s Jumia Nigeria – See Offers...
Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy A30s is a mid budget device made by the South Korean tech giant, that seems to offer some upgrade to the Galaxy A30. Note that while the Android phone seems to offer upgrades in the area of camera, its display is more or less a downgrade. Where to...
Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40 Specs and Price

Samsung released the enticing Galaxy A40 on March 2019. Samsung Galaxy A40 comes with lot of new features. Although there is not much difference with Galaxy A30 in terms of RAM and ROM, you get a more compact design a better selfie camera and faster LTE technology. The accolade winning...
Samsung Galaxy M30

Samsung Galaxy M30 Specs and Prices

Samsung Galaxy M30, a mid-budget with above-average specs. Launched early February 2019. The Galaxy M series is mainly targeted at India, though available in other countries including Nigeria. The Samsung Galaxy M30 is advisable for users who need huge storage and RAM but can't afford flagship phones like the...
Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A70 Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy A70 features a 3D glassy plastic build with a large 4500 mAh battery capacity. In the 2019 Galaxy A series, aside the Samsung Galaxy A80 which has a motorized selfie camera, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the most premium models. It sports a robust 32MP...
Samsung Galaxy A10s

Samsung Galaxy A10s Specs and Price

No hesitation, most of us saw it coming. The Samsung Galaxy A10s is a new smartphone from Samsung which is an upgrade to the Galaxy A10. The Galaxy A10s offers an upgraded camera, fingerprint sensor, an upgraded processor and more battery capacity, among other new features. Samsung Galaxy A10s mobile...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G Specs and Prices

As usual, Samsung launches a new NOTE device in the last six months of each year. In 2019, it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Note 10 5G and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G. Surely, there's a difference between the standard and Plus Edition. Samsung...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Specs and Prices

In late August 2019, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G into the Note series, regarded as a flagship device made by Samsung. The Galaxy S10 5G may look outdated after seeing the Note 10 5G, still both packs in exciting features. Where to Buy Samsung Note 10 5G Jumia...