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Find Leagoo Phones Features, Specs, and Prices. Also find stores where you can buy Leagoo Phones at the best prices. Deals and Offers will also be shared.

Looking for affordable phones with quality build? Leagoo Phones are a good choice.

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Leagoo S10

Leagoo S10 Specs and Price

Leagoo opts on the in-display fingerprint trend with its first smartphone to sport the feature. The Leagoo S10 comes with a nice display somewhat resembling a high-end smartphone but is, in fact, a midrange smartphone infused with nice specs. There are features like wireless charging, quick charge, large colourful...
Leagoo M9 Pro

Leagoo M9 Pro Specs and Price

Leagoo has been extending its reach lately especially in Nigeria where it is now becoming a product you can see from time to time in people's hands. The Leagoo M0 Pro is the upgrade of the Leagpo M9 and it has a similar dual camera feature in common. Basically,...
Leagoo S9 Pro

Leagoo S9 Pro Specs and Price

Coming as an upgrade to the Leagoo S9, the new Leagoo S9 Pro has the same notched display but is bigger in bigger size. There also some slight improvements in the area of hardware and of course the increased display. This is suitable for users that want a bit...
Leagoo S9

Leagoo S9 Specs and Price

Introducing one of the early iPhone X notch android smartphone to hit the market from Leagoo. The League S9 which at first through its name suggests to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 but, however, leans towards the iPhone X by sporting a notch along with structural similarities....
Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira

Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in 2021

Is your budget 60,000 Naira and you are in the market for a smartphone? Keep reading we have some informative recommendations for you. In this article we share some of the best Android phones under 60,000 Naira in Nigeria. For a list of the best android phones under 60,000 Naira,...
Best Android Phones Under $300 with Amazing Specs

Best Android Phones under $300 with Amazing Specs

We have looked at the best android phones under $100 and considered some great options you can get for $200 or below. If you are going for something a little bit more in the upper midrange market, you might want to consider the best android phones under $300 for...
Leagoo Power 5

Leagoo Power 5 Specs and Price

Leagoo Power 5 enters the mid-range lineup of smartphones released by Chinese smartphone makers – Leagoo. The smartphone, launched into the Power series and primes its focus on the provision of maximum power. This power can be seen in its mammoth battery capacity, display prowess and even its camera...

Leagoo T5 (THFC) Specs and Price

There have been quite a few collaborations between OEMs and Football Clubs over the past years and a number of them with Chinese brands. To usher in an era of partnership with Tottenham Hotspur FC, Leagoo released a new variant of the Leagoo T5 smartphone. The Leagoo T5 (THFC)...
Leagoo T5

Leagoo T5 Specs and Price

You might not be used to hearing the names of the brand behind the Leagoo T5 but there are more OEMs like Leagoo around mostly Chinese, offering much more at a low cost for a smartphone with an interesting spec sheet. Gone is the era where you have to pay...
Leagoo T5cAc

Leagoo T5c Specs and Price

Budget smartphones like the Leagoo T5c have increased significantly in terms of both sales and production. A bulk of these smartphones are made by Chinese OEMs and one of the leading manufacturers of this category is Leagoo. The Leagoo T5c which we will be reviewing today is one that offers...