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Find Gionee Phones Features, Specs, and Prices. Also find stores where you can buy Gionee Phones at the best prices. Deals and Offers will also be shared.

Gionee was very popular a couple of years ago for its Marathon Series that offers smartphones massive batteries and great battery life.

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Gionee Steel 5 Specs

Gionee Steel 5 Specs and Price

The Gionee Steel 5 falls in-between being a low-end smartphone and being a lower-midrange device. It packs in capable specs in a chassis not very common to Gionee smartphones. In this article, we explore the Gionee Steel 5 specs and price, which will help you in making your purchase...
Gionee M11s

Gionee M11s Specs and Price

The Gionee M11s is a more premium variant of the Gionee M11. It is very similar to standard version in looks, but seems to be designed to deliver a better performance. The major edge of the Gionee M11s is the available of larger memory and storage options. Where to Buy...
Gionee M11

Gionee M11 Specs and Price

The Gionee M11 is a new smartphone from the Chinese phone maker. The phone is proof that the company might be staging a come back in the global smartphone market. Earlier last year, the company went bankrupt due to unpaid debts and reportedly poor financial management. Gionee M11 is...
Best Android Phones under 90000 naira

Best Android Phones under 90,000 Naira for 2021

If you have gone through our offerings in the entry-level market (phones under ₦20,000 and ₦30,000), considered what we put together in the lower midrange to upper midrange shelves (phones under ₦40,000, ₦50,000, ₦60,000 and ₦70,000), you might be ready for the next stages. Having begun the next level with...
Best Android Phones under 80,000 Naira

Best Android Phones under 80,000 Naira

After considering android phones under different price brackets (under ₦20,000, ₦30,000, ₦40,000, ₦50,000, ₦60,000 and ₦70,000), we have come to the next step of that list. For the bigger spenders, flagship lovers, tech enthusiasts and heavy users that want so much more from every phone they use, here are the...
Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in Nigeria 2018

Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in 2020

For a list of the best android phones under 60,000 Naira, you are at the right place. 60,000 Naira is good start if you want to buy a decent mid-range smartphone in Nigeria. Android phones in this price range will offer some high-end features as well. You may also be...
Gionee F205

Gionee F205 Specs and Price

The Gionee F205 offers value for money for entry level smartphone buyers. Gionee is a Chinese based OEM and like its colleagues, it has a range of budget smartphones. One of the smartphones released towards the end of 2017b was the Gionee F205 smartphone. Where to Buy Gionee F205 Jumia Nigeria...
Gionee Steel 3

Gionee Steel 3 Specs and Price

The Gionee Steel 3 was among the iteration of almost bezel-less smartphones released in the fall of last year. Despite being a budget smartphone, it doesn't look the part as it looks very much like a more premium smartphone. It also features a fairly large battery and a list...

Gionee F6 Specs and Price

Gionee was quite busy late last year releasing about eight different smartphones. Amongst which was the Gionee F6 smartphone a budget smartphone with quite a number of features.  Besides  looking very much like the Gionee S11 and S11s the smartphone features a relatively lighter hardware. The smartphone features a...
Gionee S11 Lite

Gionee S11 Lite Specs and Price

A downgraded variant of the Gionee S11 and S11s, the Gionee S11 Lite is an offering for those who desire a camera-focused smartphone without breaking the bank. It doesn’t offer you a quad-camera setup, but you still get three sensors and an octa-core processor. The 2018 smartphone is great...