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ASP.NET: Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in ASP.NET

Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in ASP.NET

The best thing about frameworks is that they provide a common platform for many different programming languages. Same goes for Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is a collection of technical support that empowers both businesses as well as individual users. Covering various programming languages on one platform, the ASP.NET framework makes...
Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Software Solution

Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Software Solution

You might be enticed by the lower cost and the faster turnaround time associated with ordering an off-the-shelf software. Although, there are numerous advantages to a bespoke solution that will save you both time and money in the long run. Here is a list of benefits you may want to...
start learning Computer Programming

How to Start Learning Computer Programming

Many of us are keen on learning computer programming languages for our own reasons. If you think learning this language is an uphill task, then you may be wrong. With different tutorials, courses, and books available online, learning a computer language is no more a big deal. The only thing...
Big Challenges Facing DevOps in 2019​

Big Challenges Facing DevOps in 2019​

In the world of software and app development, making a product that is reliable in a timely manner is the key to success. Often times, business owners get so wrapped up in meeting deadlines that they forget to assess the overall functionality of their new product. Rather than putting...
6 Tips to Escape Technical Debt through Smart and Agile Methodology

6 Tips to Escape Technical Debt through Smart and Agile Methodology

Traditional software applications, focuses on the phase-oriented approach to develop software. That is because every product goes via the alpha, beta, as well as golden versions. Every product release starts with the inclusion of new features when a few lingering issues of the previous release are recognized and corrected. The...
Interesting Careers to Explore in Big Data

8 Interesting Careers to Explore in Big Data

Big data is an unavoidable aspect of business on a global scale. Numerous companies and organizations have decided to devote time to big data research. With an increase in demand for big data experts, a myriad of new careers has arisen. Within them, there is space for many different professions...

Why Python is Chosen Over others for AI and Machine Learning?

Python is a powerful object-oriented language whose syntax is very easy in comparison to other languages. There are various GUIs, which can be used to make programs through Python language; also developers use it for creating web as well as desktop applications. Another useful feature of the language is...
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Do My Assignment: Australia Offers Its Best Programming Assistance Service

Looking for an online homework assistance company to help you out with a programming task? If so, you may have found out that it is a less trivial thing to do than you might have thought. Many students are misled by the ease with which one can find a service...
Mirsoft Team

Mirsoft LLC – Mobile/Digital Revolution in the Nigerian Business Environment

A Tech company recently has entered the business environment in Nigeria with the aim of expanding the frontiers of the ongoing mobile/digital revolution in the Nigerian business milieu. Mirsoft LLC. have identified ways in which their businesses intersect, and have decided to work in their bid to furnish every Nigerian...
Beginners’ guide to API design

Beginners’ Guide to API Design

Do you want to find out how to design a good API? Many books, articles, forums offer different solutions and guide you through the process. In this article, we will present you a beginner’s guide to API design and the most important principles you should follow. It doesn’t matter what...

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