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Software Development

Learn the Most Important Skill to Run Successful Software Development Company In 2018

After every few months, new trends emerge in software development. You can never predict that the trends of today will remain relevant tomorrow. These changing trends are quite a challenge for software development companies and the software developers as well, both the senior and the junior ones. If the positive...
Mobile Apps

What can be expected from Mobile Apps in 2018?

We can all agree that the smartphone is the one invention that we just can’t live without. In fact, Statista reports shipment of more than 1.54 billion smartphones to end users in 2017 alone. Industry experts also project that by the year 2018, over a third of the world’s...

6 Great Tips to Improve Your Android Development Skills

Developing Android apps is a very rewarding job. Seeing how your creations are used and appreciated by thousands of Android users definitely will be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the road to becoming top Android developers is far from easy. There are millions of apps out there so it will...

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Software Developer?

Software development has been a lucrative venture of late and this has made software developers be scarce. Most of the software developers found today are average software developers. The great developers in the world don’t just focus on writing solid code but also have significant imperceptible qualities. Many people...
Agile Mobile App Development Methodology

How Agile Method helps experts develop highend Mobile Apps

Out of a number of mobile app development methodologies and approaches that developers often follow, agile app development methodology is considered to be the best in class way to bring exclusively developed high-end android apps for the end users. Different from all of the other mobile app development methodologies,...
Atom - Best open source IDE/text editor

Which is the Best IDE for Developers

Being a developer is never easy. More so when you are doing programming using different tools featuring different learning curves and interfaces. One such example is when software is developed using unrelated tools like VI, GCC and MAKE. Nowadays most platforms support applications to be developed using different languages. Android,...