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Self Development

Top 7 Self Development Apps for 2023

Modern smartphones and tablets let us get into new worlds. Regardless of our location, we can watch YouTube videos, work, and even try in play betting with no mistakes caused by low Internet speeds. However, our phones are also helpful for self-development. Want to improve yourself and get more skilled? Then, these 7 apps are your solution. 1. Daylio This app will take you a maximum of 1 minute a day. All you have to do is choose a mood and an activity you were doing during the day. Then all the work is done by Daylio, namely: Collecting daily data. Making statistics and...

Why Should You Take Up DASSM Certification?

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is a comprehensive service management framework that allows complete control over the offered services, the assets used, and their condition to ensure cost-efficiency. It provides an overview of all aspects of data centers, including network equipment, physical infrastructure, and Power & Cooling. This enables you to optimize your data center costs to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime. DASSM certification helps you fulfil the best service management practices for physical servers, storage, equipment rooms, mobile devices, and virtualization environments using DASSM's structured methodology. It ensures that all relevant areas such as Network Management, Storage Management,...
Best App Development Software Platforms

Best App Development Software Platforms of 2023

Whether you want to buy a decent pair of trousers, or order food from your favourite restaurants, there is always an App developed using application development software. Most of the application development software utilises low-code structure in order to create a system that offers user-friendly functions and hassle-free navigation. With this it is also important to maintain your mobile app. In this article, we have demonstrated 10 best app development software platforms that will help you create robust, scalable, and feature-rich mobile and web applications as per your business requirements. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. Top 10 App...
Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Users

Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Users

As your workload grows, remembering every piece of information you need to complete your daily or weekly responsibilities gets more challenging. Making audio notes or recording entire conversations with their Smartphones can benefit students, journalists, and professionals from various sectors. There are various types of recorder apps such as voice recorders, screen recorders, video recorders which can be fun to save your memories for the future. In this blog, I am going to discuss voice recorder apps. Voice recorders that are computer-based are fantastic. However, they can be restrictive in many ways. You can't, for example, take one outside and keep...
Branch Instant Loan App

Branch Announces Free Unlimited Money Transfers and Nigeria’s Leading Investment Returns...

Africa’s leading finance app invites Nigerians to compare and save With over 23 million downloads, Branch is one of the most popular lending apps in the world. The app now offers 2 new noteworthy services: Unlimited free money transfer (unmatched amongst today’s finance apps) 20% per annum investment returns (amongst Nigeria’s highest) These new offerings complement instant loans up to N500,000, free bill pay, airtime top ups, and other existing services found within the app. Taken together, customers can now enjoy a single app to manage their money with unmatched value. “Finding the best deal when it comes to your money can be...
Flutter vs React Native

Flutter and React Native: The Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development...

2023 isn't just a new year, but it also a year that brought new technologies in mobile app development. React Native and Flutter, being around for a while now, are considered the top 2 best mobile app frameworks for developing robust applications for cross-platform. But, which one is better: react native vs flutter? Let's dig around  What is a Mobile Framework? In mobile app development, like a house frame, frameworks act as a foundation for systematically building your code. Many developers depend on these mobile frameworks to boost the efficiency and performance of application development. These frameworks help eliminate the tedious work...
Androidhackers Alternatives Alternatives that you are looking for

The blooming of mobile games has allowed people to play their favorite game anywhere and at any time.  Now, people don't have to depend on gaming consoles and their computers for playing games. You can easily find plenty of mobile games available in the market. However, the sad thing is either they are paid games or have to pay to get premium features for the game you are hooked up with. The number of free games is negligible. This is one of the major reasons why people have started switching to websites like At the same time, they are looking...

Best App Maker for Android

We have a vast population of awesome apps out there, making a quality app is a very challenging job.  Developers struggle to make the right choices when making a good app for Android because the number of different Android devices and Android OS versions play an important role in making an awesome app.  If you're a developer and want to make a great app for Android, we recommend the best app maker for android! Top Android app maker for android is a great Andromo that has made it easier for you to make apps for your Android devices! It is a great...
Best Ways to apply Machine Learning on your Apps

5 Best Ways to apply Machine Learning on your Apps

Machine Learning is not a new technology. We have already seen many applications with advanced AI algorithms. Recently, when the pandemic hit the human race, there was a rising concern that our hands should not come in regular contact with the face.  It was essentially pointed out in a post on Reddit when this user wanted to create an app using Machine Learning to alert them whenever his hands came near to face. Though this is just one instance of ML’s application, it is almost an integral part of many mobile apps.  According to this tweet, 2019 witnessed more funding than...
Learn web development online

Web, App, and Software Development from ImperialSoft

Imperial Soft Services, “ImperialSoft”, is a technology company with focus on software development for large, medium and small scale businesses. They specialize in development of custom applications. Equipped with the best minds and tech stacks,  the company is trying to accomplish a business goal - Bring your software conceptualization to reality. For instance, Imperial Software Services’ advisory services include defining and prioritizing goals, establishing measurable success criteria and advising on how software can address the need at hand. Imperial soft services will not only assist with a clear roadmap but will also actually advise you on how to get there. They have shown understanding of...