Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Mobile App Development Trends
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Since the Era of digitization, healthcare apps immensely contributes to providing the right medical diagnosis. You can now easily check heart rate with the help of a mobile app and directly send information to your doctor without any visitations. Such advancements have completely changed the healthcare application development trends.

Healthcare industry has various segments targeted by mobile applications. Some of these applications are doctor specific that helps to cut down paperwork, makes communication easier and faster with patients, saves a lot of time.

On the other hand, some healthcare apps are patient oriented to make healthcare more approachable to the public.

Here are a few examples of successful healthcare mobile app development:-

  1. PillPack:  PillPack is a healthcare provider app that help you get your medication refilled automatically. This app allows you to add self-prescribed medications as well as vitamins like fish oil, multivitamins, etc. as your default prescription and updates your regular pharmacy in no time.
  2. Health Tap:  This application gives an opportunity to virtual book an appointment with your doctor round the clock. It is one of the most renowned applications that allow patients to get a more interactive session with the doctors and saves time and energy for someone who cannot travel.
  3. HealthVault by Microsoft:   Microsoft HealthVault is an online mobile app service that helps to keep your medical records secured and intact. This app can practically measure blood pressure, glucose and oxygen saturation and provide a real-time update to your doctor.
  4. Doctor On Demand: Getting a video consultation over the phone seemed impossible years ago. But with the changing technology, you can get prescription easily through a mobile app. This app also helps you get emergency appointments and 24*7 medical assistance.
  5. PointNurse: This is an on-demand nursing application which is specifically designed for consumer engagement, telemedicine, e-prescription, population management, referrals, disease management, etc. This healthcare application has adopted the concept of blockchain technology to ensure data security to its patient.

How is Technology helping the Healthcare Sector?

The influence of technology in the healthcare industry has been massive, as per Patient Care Outcomes Research (PCOR). A technology such as blockchain has helped in bringing faster data transactions, monetary transaction, 100%  data privacy, etc.

The idea of bringing blockchain technology in healthcare app development process not only speeds up the process of medical assistance but also ensure zero data breach.

Many mobile app development companies have adopted the idea of implementing blockchain technology in creating healthcare/medical apps. Some famous healthcare apps that have used blockchain technology are:-

  • Brontech: An Australian healthcare startup that gives patients a platform to share a medical document without any breach.
  • MedRec: This company aims to manage all the medical records for its patients using blockchain technology. An individual can access their personal medical data with complete security from any location.
  • E-health foundation: Is an Estonian based healthcare company that has partnered with Guardtime, a software security company, to introduce blockchain based healthcare systems. This companyhas secured more than 1 million data and medical records for its patients.

Blockchain technology has helped to bring out the full potential in a healthcare app as it allows hospitals to share and move data on a real-time basis.

Before blockchain technology came into existence healthcare apps raised a lot of security questions among people. Since every user of the project is connected to the same network and is working on the same information, everyone is tracked with one simple click. This type of security brings assurance among patients as well as we doctors.

Advantages of Healthcare App Development:

  1. Providing Immediate Care: Unlike the old days where doctors had to be called for in-home services, one can easily provide a digital access for the doctor. With an app like doctor on demand, patients can easily get-in-touch with the doctor available. Similarly, the app HealthTap also has an interactive interface which allows patients to get answers to general healthcare questions.
  2. New Business Establishment: Door-to-door visits have become an old trend thanks to an app such as RefferralMD. A HIPPA compliant mobile app which is a cloud-based management software. This app allows doctors to provide instant referrals and gives opportunities to patients and healthcare facilities connect in a better way.
  3. Bridge Gap: Many times patients and doctors use different languages to communicate. As app such as Omnifluent Health which is built by SAIC has helped patients to communicate instantly.This helps hospitals to reduce the cost of hiring a translator.

Mobile and web together have immensely helped the healthcare industry bringing higher connectivity between doctors and patients.

The ever-growing use of mobile phone in healthcare apps have helped in rapidly transforming healthcare app development companies as well.

The year 2021 has been revolution for healthcare apps which have reached the epitome of success and have bought out the best outcomes for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients.

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