Canada: 5 Tips to make your Dream a Reality

Canada: 5 Tips to make your Dream a Reality
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It’s been a long time since you thought of a new life, a new career and the idea of ​​going to see you elsewhere obsesses you. Whether to start a business or to venture, expatriation to Canada is a dream of lots of people.

We think of the vast open spaces, the huge lakes, the ice hockey, but also the legendary openness and entrepreneurial freedom that you have so often heard about. Obviously, you have read all the testimonials of feedbacks posted here.

It’s as if all is left to do, you see yourself in a new conquest rather than stagnate in your monotonous routine today. Here are 5 basic tips that I highly recommend. But before going further, make sure you have utilized Canada eta application. Now, just keep reading!

1. In the face of this immense territory stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, choose your city of destination

We’ve talked about it a lot, and you know, Canada is the second largest country in the world behind Russia, and you can imagine that the differences between two cities on the east and west coast may be different.

The distance between Montreal and Vancouver is roughly equivalent to the distance between Paris and Beijing in China. If you like urbanity, it’s the cities of Montreal and Toronto that you will choose because they are the most populated in Canada.

Small detail, if you want to live in French, Montreal will be your favorite.

2. Although Canada wants to welcome Newcomers, choose the right Visa and get ready in advance

Deadlines for obtaining a permanent resident visa can be long, very long. A work visa requested by your future employer could make it easier for you but it links you to this job, if you lose it, you lose your visa.

3. Before transferring your Money, Check for the Best Opportunities

There are a multitude of options for transferring money from one country to another, but if you want to get the best return I suggest you use the services of Canadian banks that have a range of specialized financial products to newcomers, such as the Desjardins or National Bank offer.

These financial institutions will allow you to open a bank account from your home country while ensuring maximum security thanks to their strong reputation here in Canada.

4. Quebeckers are not French people living in America (just info)

Although Canada is a bilingual country; French is only truly spoken in Quebec. Quebecers have historically come from France and France and have colonized Canada since New France. However, we are in 2019, and today Canada’s history is very far from that of France.

Quebeckers have been swimming in a North American environment for centuries, and they are first and foremost North Americans who speak French. Even if some of them have a European fiber, and are more open to French culture, you will quickly understand that the cultural differences are deep.

5. Housing, Rent or Buy?

The price of real estate across the country varies a lot, while the cities of Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive ones. The current exchange rate is clearly to your advantage thanks to a Canadian dollar weakened mainly by the low cost of oil, indeed, remember that Canada is an oil producing country and therefore its economy generally fluctuates according to the black gold.

Now that you have captured these 5 points, you must have a ton of questions. Just share them and let me know! Anyway, thanks for reading.

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