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Use Your Cell Phone to Text Customers from Your Business Phone Number

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The advent of mobile communication has redefined the way people interact with each other and how they reach to others. The world isn’t that wide anymore now that mobile phones have proliferated across the globe. People from different parts of the world can now communicate with each other like they were just a few meters from each other.

The young generations of modern societies live a fast-paced, convenient and hectic lifestyle. They are constantly on the go and feel the need to instantly communicate with each other.

They often don’t feel the need for long, meaningful discussions over phone calls or emails. With the busy, carefree and active type of living of the young generation, they are an attractive demographic group for businesses to target.

And how can businesses reach out and connect with today’s generation? By using the same type of communication method that this generation has helped to spread – texting.

Use Your Cell Phone to Text Customers from Your Business Phone Number

Texting is becoming a Business Trend

Not long after texting became a social communication trend, innovative and trend-observing businesspersons have also realized the importance of the short and easy composition method of texts and how it can be used from a business standpoint.

Millennials and the people who have traversed the two millenniums have been blessed with the gift of instant communication through text messages and the young ones have also gained the “instant” attention span.

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This attention span can only pay attention for a very short time, and would not like to be bothered with long calls or emails. Thus, businesspersons have accordingly adapted to this way of life of the millennial demographic market.

Business Texting reaches more Customers

Business texting reaches customers no matter what the time and where they are. This method proves very effective and more efficient than the traditional methods of calling and sending emails. Business texting has a high response and “seen” rate than both calls and emails.

It is a more convenient way of sending updates, reminders, proposals, making sales and promotions without being intrusive, monotonous or robotic. In addition, most established customers have a preference to interact and engage through text, and this is what businesses should consider.

The business texting method is also convenient for customers and potential customers. Making short responses for appointment confirmations, sales confirmation or simply replying to follow-ups and inquiries is easier to do for customers than replying through emails or respond to phone calls.

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Business texting can also attract potential customers by easily replying to text inquiries about products and services. This gives more chances for increasing and expanding the target market of businesses.

Business texting reaches more customers

Business Texting improves Profit

Business texting actually improves profitability in a number of ways. For one, business texting saves business communication costs by lowering the acquisition of soft and hard phones.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that phones will eventually be eliminated from the business scene, but rather business texting is an effective way of backing up and complimenting phone calls and email correspondence.

Another way of saving on business costs is to use software and platforms that allow texting for businesses. Some of these platforms are free or cost minimally.

Thus, business establishments who want to venture into business texting don’t necessarily need to buy new mobile phones or get a new mobile phone plan for the employees.

This means that employees can use their own mobile phones for business texting functions just by adding software or platform meant exclusively for business texting transactions.

Texting for business purposes can improve the way deals and sales are closed. Employees can effectively relay transaction progress and sales reports to both customers and business managers and reflect a sense of urgency and importance in every business dealing.

Also, texting can help soothe business concerns and worries of customers. Sending updates on their inquiries can assure them that the business is keeping the customers’ interests and welfare in mind.

This in turn can help establish a firm and solid relationship with customers, and a steady influx of profit. Also, this solid relationship can make way for recommendations and referrals from established customers to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. Thus, the established customers are becoming indirect instruments for expanding the business prospects through referrals.

Business texting keeps businesses in tune with employees and customers

Adopting the method of texting for businesses is a way for businesses to revitalize their image for customers and for employees. The current emerging workforce is mainly composed of millennials and those born near the transition of the millennium. The same can be said of the growing customer demographics of most businesses.

Texting is one of the things that millennials have in common and what describes the millennial lifestyle. Young employees can perform more efficiently in terms of communicating with customers, co-workers and superiors if they can use this widely used medium.

They can be comfortable in the workplace knowing that they can use their mobile phones to text customers. It doesn’t mean that doing so can be counterproductive, as what most business managers assume.

Millennials have a significant attachment to their mobile phones or cell phones. If business owners and managers can utilize this attachment for business purposes, not only do they create meaningful relationships with the employees, but also create an employee-friendly environment for them.

The plus side for millennial customers is a personalized mode of communication that fit their on-the-go and fun-loving lifestyles.

Also, a good and meaningful relationship can be created by businesses with their customers by making them feel that the business is attuned with their need for a hassle-free and convenient communication like texting.

Customers will feel important and appreciated if they can see that businesses are trying to reach out and communicate with them through their preferred medium – texting.

The millennial generation is gradually becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to business profit potential. Also, we are seeing businesses that are adapting to this emerging market.

Attachment to technological devices and utilities such as texting is a common trait among millennials, and this is something that businesses can capitalize on. Thus, businesses who can align with the millennial generation have the most potential for growth and sustainability in the long run.

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