Impact of Technology on Music Industry

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Music has been transformed. The way of making and listening to music has changed with the use of technology. The current electronic music emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century, uses machines, capable of producing it in such a way that it is impossible to perform it humanly.

However, much of this music no longer expresses anything, nor is it pleasing to the senses, nor does it play the feelings. So what is behind it, in the depths of the human mind that drives it to follow the path of technology? What is the reason, the justification that today’s man prefers to make and listen to technological music, electronic music?

Technology it is common to associate the term technology with instruments or things that facilitate our daily activities: household appliances, transportation, mass communications, etc. Mankind has always sought to make his life something simpler and more comfortable. It uses technology. Man is technology. Technology makes technology. Technology has taken possession of everything, including music.

Electronic Music

Why before talking about electronic music, we choose to talk about Logos, tonality technique, rhythm? Because with current technology, all these factors are blurred in electronic music, or what is the same, there is no awareness of them.

Electronic music is, therefore, music produced by means of technology, of devices that work with electricity. A genre of music that was born in the last century, a product of the great advances in science and technology.

Vicious Circle

Electronic music ends with the aesthetic discussion between the composer and the performer. These two figures merge into it; there is no longer a composer or performer.

There is, yes, the figure of the technician, the DJ, the one who manipulates the machine, but is not a composer. Nor is it a performer, since it is the machine that produces the sound.

Thus, with the death of the figure of the musician, of the artist, that aesthetic discussion ends.

Being electronic music, more accessible to the laypeople, the trend takes strength. There are many prospects to make electronic music; In addition to being also large the number of those who listen TME.

And as all this is profitable for the entertainment industry and the mass media, production is enlarged; it is about giving the public what they are asking for. It is certainly a vicious circle.


Music has always been with us; with it we know and know each other. Music technology does not ask for anything and instead if it is shared selflessly.

On the other hand, technological music always pursues an end, technology itself, certain slavery of man to technology. That is to say when the creativity dries up, it is sought to supplant it with technology, but that when using the machine, it actually uses us. Here is the disenchantment.

Technology kills the creativity of man. This, attached to the machine, at the time it fails, is no longer known what to do and feels incomplete orphan-hood. The music is extinguished. Only the sound remains the noise that no longer says anything gives no references to discern the framework of the context to which we belong.

The time will come when, by putting music on a device, we will no longer know if it is made by a Chinese, a Hindu, an African or a Guatemalan. And whatever a Chinese or Japanese says, or in other words, aesthetically there will be nothing left to say. It will no longer be the appreciation of beauty, but of alienation, the evasion of them.

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