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Android Auto Head Unit

How to install Android Head Unit

Stereo or head-units are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. After a certain time, you might feel like replacing the old...
Android Updates

5 Reasons why you should never Skip Android Updates on your...

It’s no secret – we all get annoyed by frequent Android updates on our devices. We can all admit that we’ve skipped a system...

Android 9 Pie: 10 interesting features of Google’s new OS

Just to be clear, if you are reading this, you pretty much are aware of Google's model of giving it's operating system food names...
recover stolen smartphone

3 Ways to Track and Recover a Stolen Smartphone

Losing sight of ones smartphone (or any important gadget) can easily be tagged as one of the most frustrating and annoying thing that can...

5 Android Apps to help track your phone in the case...

If you have ever lost possession of your phone (maybe mislay it or had it stolen) or any gadgets, you would agree that it...
Learn Android development

5 Online Platforms to Learn Android Development

Are you inspired by tech or curious as to how some things are built or work? You see building stuff and solving problems as...

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Official Name Confirmed

The guesswork about what codename the next version of the Android operating system will bear as finally been laid to rest. Google has revealed...

Android M Developer Preview Overview

Google has released the developer preview of the next version of the Android operating system, which is still tentatively named the Android M, at...