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Web, App, and Software Development from ImperialSoft

Imperial Soft Services, “ImperialSoft”, is a technology company with focus on software development for large, medium and small scale businesses. They specialize in development of custom applications. Equipped with the best minds and tech stacks,  the company is trying to accomplish a business goal - Bring your software conceptualization to reality. For instance,...
Online Marketing

8 of the Best App Marketing Strategies you need to know

So you’ve recently started out, your business is becoming stable by the day, and you’re finally exploring ways to reach out to your customers in a bigger and better way. Your strategies and experiences tell you that launching a mobile application is the best way forward. After brainstorming with...
Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Neater Android Development

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Neater Android Development

Getting some decent looking android application up and running can be quite simple. However, there is quite a big difference between making a simple application or a game and actually understanding a whole programing language, framework, or a development process and mastering the art of creating something with neat...
Java vs Python

Java vs Python – What’s better for your Project?

Long lines of arguments for and against Java / Python. Which one to choose for your project? Let’s take a close look at each technology, their pros and cons. Making the right choice will be much easier. Java: Scalability and Speed Java is a great powerful tool for building big projects...
The Best Programmer's Setup

The Best Programmer’s Setup

If you happen to be one of such programmers who needs a perfect programming setup to start coding and concentrate in a better way. Then you better stick with this page. Programming is a hectic job, and there is no doubt in it. And but a great programming setup...
Mirsoft Team

Mirsoft LLC – Mobile/Digital Revolution in the Nigerian Business Environment

A Tech company recently has entered the business environment in Nigeria with the aim of expanding the frontiers of the ongoing mobile/digital revolution in the Nigerian business milieu. Mirsoft LLC. have identified ways in which their businesses intersect, and have decided to work in their bid to furnish every Nigerian...
Beginners’ guide to API design

Beginners’ Guide to API Design

Do you want to find out how to design a good API? Many books, articles, forums offer different solutions and guide you through the process. In this article, we will present you a beginner’s guide to API design and the most important principles you should follow. It doesn’t matter what...

A Digestible Guide to Mobile App Design

For some, if not all, the concept of developing a mobile app is about writing complex codes, struggling with bugs, and integrating the cutting-edge technologies and tool. However, it is not so. Mobile app development comprises of different phases and technique, starting from mobile app design. Wondering what falls under...
Top 5 Tricks to Rank up Your Mobile Application in Play Store

Top 5 Tricks to Rank up your Mobile Application in Play Store

If you are searching for methods to rank up your mobile application in the Play Store, this article will help you for sure. App store is a great platform to make your services available to people. Launching an app on the Google Play Store involves three steps: creating, uploading and...
7 ways to improve customer’s experience on Mobile

7 Ways to Improve Customer’s experience on Mobile

Mobiles have now been a compulsory object for everyone to have. Keeping it is something that is considered to be the foremost duty. As of now, everything is done on the mobile. Whether it is gaming or an official work, one wants to have a great experience doing it....