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Mobile Gaming Packages

Best Gaming Packages to Download for Android

If you are frustrated or not happy with your device while playing different android games due to low performance then you are on the right page. Because in this new article we will provide you with information about different android gaming packages which help you to boost your device performance while playing the game. As you know that many people are still using low ended android devices which have low specifications due to which they face different issues like buffering, lagging, hanging, and other issues while playing games on their device. If you are regularly playing online video games then you...
Pokemon ROMs for GBA

Top 5 Pokemon ROMs for GBA

Pokemon is one of the most famous Role Playing games. It is available for multiple kinds of devices and only a few countries or regions are eligible to play. However, there are certain devices that are compatible and you can smoothly play and enjoy them. Moreover, there are multiple editions of Pokemon and each one of them offers different and unique gameplay. The good news is that you can play its various editions on your GBA devices. But you will have to have the ROMs that are the files that you can use to install the game. There are so many...
Androidhackers Alternatives

Androidhackers.io Alternatives that you are looking for

The blooming of mobile games has allowed people to play their favorite game anywhere and at any time.  Now, people don't have to depend on gaming consoles and their computers for playing games. You can easily find plenty of mobile games available in the market. However, the sad thing is either they are paid games or have to pay to get premium features for the game you are hooked up with. The number of free games is negligible. This is one of the major reasons why people have started switching to websites like androidhackers.io. At the same time, they are looking...

5 African Game Developers Going Global on the App Store

Not that long ago, it was incredibly difficult for game developers from Africa to gain access to a global audience. Thanks to the App Store, that’s rapidly changing with mobile games built on the continent playing an increasingly significant role in the global market. Ahead of Africa Games Week, which takes place in Cape Town from 5-7 December, we got the lowdown on some of the top African-made games on the App Store. Catering to everyone from casual gamers to augmented reality (AR) enthusiasts, these games are a testament to the skill and creativity coming from the continent. They’re also built...
Android Games Reviews

5 Best Android Games Reviews

If you are someone who just loves to play video games and if you just bought a big Android phone with a big screen for gaming then you are in the right place, reading the right article. You see it is an undeniable fact that the Play Store on your Android phone will have an enormous number of game applications, but on the other hand, it’s actually a whole lot of struggle to find the best game possible. In fact, the reality is that some games are just made for the sole purpose of earning money through advertisements, and when...
get Android and IOS mods

Best Sites to get Android and iOS Mods

In this article, we will talk about a site which will give you all the latest mods of different kind of apps you are looking over the internet. It is really hard to find a site where you can have all the latest mods of games, media apps etc. But, we know a site which will definitely solve this problem. But, before discussing the site, let's discuss what are mod apps and why people are searching for mod apps on the internet. What is an APK file? Before discussing a mod app, we will discuss the APK file. The full form of APK...
Jigsaw Puzzle

Best Crossword Games – Takes Word Puzzles to Your Phone

It’s fascinating how for almost everything today there’s an app and crosswords are no different. It’s not really a surprise but I still remember how I used to spend hours solving crosswords I’d find in my local newspapers. Now, I can’t remember when was the last time I bought a crossword puzzle magazine or even used a pen as a matter of fact. You can easily find crossword puzzles that provide much more variety than the previous ones - ranging from different topics to difficulty levels. A true paradise for every crossword geek. As I previously said, I’m a vivid crossword solver...
Best PPSSPP Games For Android

Best PPSSPP Games For Android That You Should Certainly Try Playing

Playing games has been the most favorite hobby of human beings. It is a hot favorite among children and youngsters. PSP was basically presented by Sony a long time ago. It was very popular that time. Manufacturing of pocket sized smartphone ruined its popularity but its games were really amazing. However, they can be played using PSP Emulators and the prominent one is PPSSPP. As these games are of big size, you download in compressed format from sites like tricksntech. Let’s discuss what the heck is this PPSSPP. What is PPSSPP? PPSSPP is PSP emulator which is an acronym for Playstation Portable Emulator for Playing...
PopularModded Android Games

5 Popular Modded Android Games

As everyone cannot afford buying gaming PC/laptop, playing android games on smartphone has become a trend nowadays. And, smartphones nowadays, come with high end specification including processor, RAM, GPU and battery. These are enough for playing any high-graphics games. Accordingly, mobile game development has been tremendously improved which we can see from current popular android games including Asphalt, PUBG, Modern Kombat, GTA, Shadow Fight, Afterpulse, Gear.Club etc. Anyone can forget playing games on personal computer by gaming experience on smartphones. But, these quality packed games have in-app purchases with which you can complete various game levels. What is Mod APK? All You...
Pokemon GO GPS Hack for Android, iOS and Emulator users

Pokemon GO GPS Hack for Android, iOS and Emulator users

In the current scenario, we could find a lot of games to play with our friends and family. Recently, one of the games ruling the whole world with its amazing creativity and satisfy a lot. It is none another than the game called Pokémon GO. It is the game which grabs the attention of the people for capturing the pokemon. It is all about the game where you need to roam around and find your favourite pokemon. But the fact one should keep it in mind is without getting out of your home, and you can’t be able to complete...