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Android Games Reviews

5 Best Android Games Reviews

If you are someone who just loves to play video games and if you just bought a big Android phone with a big screen for gaming then you are in the right place, reading the right article. You see it is an undeniable fact that the Play Store on your...
get Android and IOS mods

Best Sites to get Android and iOS Mods

In this article, we will talk about a site which will give you all the latest mods of different kind of apps you are looking over the internet. It is really hard to find a site where you can have all the latest mods of games, media apps etc. But,...
Jigsaw Puzzle

Best Crossword Games – Takes Word Puzzles to Your Phone

It’s fascinating how for almost everything today there’s an app and crosswords are no different. It’s not really a surprise but I still remember how I used to spend hours solving crosswords I’d find in my local newspapers. Now, I can’t remember when was the last time I bought a...
Best PPSSPP Games For Android

Best PPSSPP Games For Android That You Should Certainly Try Playing

Playing games has been the most favorite hobby of human beings. It is a hot favorite among children and youngsters. PSP was basically presented by Sony a long time ago. It was very popular that time. Manufacturing of pocket sized smartphone ruined its popularity but its games were really...
PopularModded Android Games

5 Popular Modded Android Games 2018

As everyone cannot afford buying gaming PC/laptop, playing android games on smartphone has become a trend nowadays. And, smartphones nowadays, come with high end specification including processor, RAM, GPU and battery. These are enough for playing any high-graphics games. Accordingly, mobile game development has been tremendously improved which we can...
Hacker anonymous using smartphone on the street at night

5 Best Hacking Apps for Games

Are you tired of playing games and losing or better yet, you constantly receive annoying advertisements, well we got a secret recipe for you. If you do not have enough time just download it now and start unlimited game modification. Nowadays, almost every app that gets developed comes with...