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Fero Pace 2

Fero Pace 2 Specs and Price

Fero is becoming one of the popular budget smartphone OEM locally and the Pace series is a line of smartphones with quite nice specs. This brings us to the Fero Pace 2, a smartphone that has both impressive design and decent hardware on the inside too. However, this is...
Best Android Phones Under 500 GHS in Ghana

Best Android Phones under 500 GHS in Ghana

We have looked at the best android phones under 300 GHS in Ghana, and we know you loved that list. If you are one that has a little bit more money to spare and would like to get padded specs for that money, here are the best android phones...
Umidigi S2 Lite

Umidigi S2 Lite Specs and Price

Umidigi is one of the consistent Chinese OEMs, the smartphone maker have been on the rampage of releasing smartphone lately. The Umidigi S2 Lite is the recent addition to the list and comes as a lesser alternative of the Umidigi S2. Although, the smartphone has a downgraded spec sheet...
Best Android Phones Under 300 GHS in Ghana

Best Android Phones under 300 GHS in Ghana

You will agree with us that the Ghanaian market is now so saturated with smartphones, making a great choice can be overwhelming. Likewise, your choice will be dependent on your pocket. If you are looking for a budget-friendly smartphone that packs some great specs for the price, you should...
Itel P31

Itel P31 Specs and Price

Itel has been one of the prominent low budget smartphone maker in Africa with a known presence here in Nigeria. There's a long list of such offerings from Itel and part of which is the Maxpower series, which the Itel P31 and the Itel P51 are members. The Itel...
Best Android Phones Under 20,000 Ksh in Kenya

Best Android Phones under 20,000 KSh in Kenya

We have looked at the best android phones under 10000 Ksh in Kenya, considered some great options you could get for below 15000 Ksh but still, feel you might not have found some of the features you find dear. If that is you, we got you covered. While still...
Allview P9 Energy

Allview P9 Energy Specs and Price

Only few smartphones have a large battery capacity, which is the candid truth, there's a particular niche that prides on being a battery juggernauts. This particular smartphones comes in handy during travels or when going on adventures or anywhere you can charge your phone often. An example of such...
Best Android Phones under 15,000 Ksh in Kenya

Best Android Phones under 15,000 Ksh in Kenya

The level of competition in today’s smartphone market, especially those operating with the Android operating system, has made it easier for consumers to get great devices at even better bargains. That is why there is an increasing number of smartphones with great specs in the midrange and upper midrange...
Best Android Phones Under 10,000 Ksh

Best Android Phones under 10,000 KSh in Kenya

How would you like to use an android phone that not only complements your lifestyle but makes sure you don’t break the bank too? We think that is a match made in heaven. Depending on your level of utility and sophistication, here are the best android phones under 10,000...
Oppo A83

Oppo A83 Specs and Price

In the past few years, the mid-range smartphone category has flourished with a wide array of devices from different OEMs. Oppo is one of the major Chinese companies in this category with a number of smartphones like the Oppo A79 which is now succeeded by the Oppo A83. The...