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How To Recover Deleted Photos On iPhone

For many smartphone users, our photos form a large chunk of the important data on our phones. Accidentally deleting a photo could feel like accidentally deleting a precious memory; it can be very distressing indeed when you don’t know how to recover deleted photos on your iPhone. There’s no need to panic if you've fallen victim to this common mistake because you’ll learn methods which can be used to retrieve your beloved photos. When you delete a photo by moving it to the trash folder, you erase the memory location of that photo and not the photo itself. You can now...
Samsung NVMe SSD problem

Solved: Samsung NVMe SSD problem with DELL XPS

If you are on a hunt for the solution to solve the Samsung NVMe SSD problem with Dell XPS then you are the right page. Here we explain to you the successful approach to solve the Samsung NVMe SSD problem with Dell XPS. You can also checkout our review of the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 Understanding the Problem: Your system has the SSD mode in Bios set to RAID by default, but in order to detect the NVMe drive the SSD mode has to be switched to ACHI mode form RAID mode. When you do so, you may face problem in starting...

Why Use R-Studio Data Recovery Software

R-Studio is considered one of the most trusted data recovery tools. It allows you to recover deleted data and use it as if it was never gone at all. In this article, we will go through some features that make this software especially effective in recovering data. You can use the software to recover deleted or lost data from a local disk, removable disk, corrupted disk, unbootable disk, and many more sources. Operating System Compatibility People choose R-Studio because it's compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. For each operating system, there is a separate set of detailed instructions on how to recover...
Easy Steps to Follow During Data Recovery with iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

Easy Steps to Follow During Data Recovery with iSkysoft Data Recovery...

iSkysoft data recovery software is one solution to use to recover deleted data. This software is used because it is able to recover deleted data from a variety of devices and get all file formats. Moreover, iSkysoft data recovery software is also easy to use even for first time users. Check the steps below to know that the software is extremely easy to use along with an effective result. Download and Install the iSkysoft Data Recovery Software The first thing to do to use the iSkysoft data recovery software is downloading and installing the software. You just need to go to the official...
Data Recovery Software

How to Recover Deleted Data from SD Card

SD cards are used for the storage of information in almost all devices. This stored data, if lost, can prove a lot of inconvenience for the user. Data may be lost through accident, corruption of SD card, virus attack or simply formatting of the SD card. However, there are ways through which a person can recover data from SD card. The recovery of the data can be performed through the installation of software which enables a user to recover files from SD card and store it on another device, very likely a computer. Some of the famous software used to recover data...
Loss Data On Android Phone

What to do when I Lose Data on Android Phone?

I'm one of those folks who have lost data on my Android phone. Well, today I'm here to show you some causes of data loss and some proven ways to recover data. So, Be Humble! Obviously, It hurts you when you lose precious data from your phone. The data can be of any type like photo, video, call history, messages or any other type. There are some ways to recover data but before those ways let us first discuss some of the causes of data loss; Causes of Data Loss on Android Phone: Upgrade/Update: Many times I've seen that some old android phones give...
WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2022

One of the worst things that could happen to your WordPress website is waking up one day to see all your files (read: days, nights, months, and years of hard work)... gone! And there are a number of things that can cause this unfortunate event of website and data loss or breakdown: installing a bad or corrupt plugin, incorrect/accidental clicks, actions of hackers etc. Any website can get hacked or have its data accidentally deleted. Even worse, WordPress websites are particularly almost always at the forefront of several report malicious attacks. However, there are countermeasures you can have in place to...
Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

How to Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

Lost some important files on your computer? Thinking that it’s over and you will never get back your files? You don’t have to get worried since you can get back your files with the help of memory card recovery software. Data is the most essential component of every organization and in case something happens that can cause a loss of data, an organization must do everything possible to get it back. Losing important data is one of the frustrating moments an organization can go through. There are numerous ways by which data can be lost such as deletion, power failure, disk...
Reasons Businesses Should Invest in Backup and Recovery Services

Reasons Businesses Should Invest in Backup and Recovery Services

Regardless of the type or size of business you are running, it is recommended that you always have a dependable recovery system in place. It helps to make operations a lot easier. Should disaster ever strike, you can be assured that all your crucial data is secure. Many investors usually ignore disaster recovery preparations until they suffer huge losses. Avoid being in this position by prioritizing backups. It also helps to outsource the service, since it comes with numerous perks such as: Safer than On-site Backups In a majority of cases, onsite backups usually work wells for some time. Trouble sets...
MTN Cloud Backup

Backup as a Service from MTN – Cloud Storage Packages

Backup as a service, otherwise known as BaaS, is a cloud-based solution from MTN targeted at small and medium-scale businesses that are interested in keeping their files confidential and protected. It offers businesses a good means of outsourcing backup needs and keeping business data in a remote location. BaaS and Features MTN BaaS is a prepaid hosting service that is designed to help small and medium-scale businesses back up important files and folders to MTN data centre backup servers on-the-go. The backup service not only provides businesses an off-site storage solution, but a secure one as well. Your data is encrypted by...