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Reading a Book : Do Books have to look like Books?

Do Books have to look like Books?

Most readers enjoy a good story. For thousands of years stories were printed, first by hand and then by machine, on various materials including cave walls, papyrus, slate, and paper, among others. During the Renaissance, mass printing became popular and widespread with the invention of the printing press and improved intercontinental transportation. For the past several hundred years, people around the globe have been able to enjoy reading various types of printed books, short and long, large and small, decorous and straightforward. Now that we are firmly entrenched in the twenty-first century, however, traditional book publishing has changed rather dramatically to include...

How to Blog Build Reputation & Traffic & Make Money

Do you want to make money on the internet sharing your knowledge and insight? Do you want to develop an online voice that will bring you recognition and fame? Are you ready to learn how? My new e-book Blogging for Students will teach you how to blog, build your reputation and traffic, and how to make money from your reputation and traffic. This e-book is no-longer available for sale. So, there is no point reading from here on. However, if you are still interested in blogging our article on how to start a blog can be very helpful. Climbing the mounting...
How to Find Clean Books to Read

Google eBooks Store – access your books from the cloud

Google has launched its own eBook Store. Google eBooks boasts of the largest collection of eBooks in the world with over three million titles already including hundreds of thousands for sale. Google eBooks is all about choice, your books are stored in the 'cloud' so you can read it anywhere you go with almost any device with an internet connection. You can also shop for Google eBooks from independent booksellers, giving you the choice to buy books online wherever you want. Google eBooks can be read across multiple devices. It is currently fully available in the United States with limited offering...
Project Management Books

Project Management Books: Buy, Read, and Run Successful Projects

Improve your project management skills with books. If you are currently undergoing a project management course, you may require books to help you fully understand project management concepts. Here we have compiled some of the bestselling project management books that you can buy at Amazon.com You can find books describing project management general concept as well as books for preparing for project management international certifications like PMP. We have also provided a compilation of books focusing on the project management software like Primavera and MS Office Project as well as the leading project management method Prince2 and Agile. Project Management Training Hot Books...

Buy Books Online from Amazon.com in Nigeria – Textbooks Kindle eBooks

Amazon online store has the biggest selection of books and magazines on this planet. From Textbooks, Professional and Career Development books to Novels, from fiction to non-fiction, from children books to Christian books, from e-books to audiobooks, and so on, Amazon.com is your best source for used and new books. Amazon delivers books to all countries, meaning that you can buy books from the online store from virtually any country in the world. Buying Books from Amazon.com One great benefit of buying books from Amazon is the fact that the online store offers some of the latest books. In fact, books...