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Real-time Tracking

11 Best Phone Tracking Apps to Find Someone’s Location in 2024

Ever feel as if your kids are acting strange or using the phone all day? Ever feel like your partner has been out of the house a lot lately for any reason whatsoever? Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep tabs on your loved ones. Be it to keep them safe or to protect oneself from getting cheated on. This is where phone tracking apps can come very handy. Today we have for you the top 11 best tracking apps for finding someone’s location in 2024. All of the apps are 100 % legal and work with great ease. This way...
Call Tracking benefits

10 Benefits of Call Tracking to your Business

Before we look at the major and important benefits of Call Tracking first let us learn why call tracking is important for our business, how does it works and what should we need to check before choosing call tracking for business. Over 70% of the world’s population are using mobile phones and the draft has no sign of decreasing and it is expected to increase to over 90% by 2024. Mobile has become the easy and quickest way to reach people. The calls from mobile devices are growing faster than ever. Phone calls has become the an effective way of...