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Car Tire And Maintenance Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Car Tire and Maintenance Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, we have learned the importance of tires and how they affect the function of our vehicles. Tires are connective points between the car and the road and are essential for the movement of all vehicles. Car tires are connected using the axles and central shaft. There...
Car Shakes when Accelerating Reasons and Fix

Reason your Car Shakes when Accelerating and How to Fix

A car may shake during acceleration for various reasons. While the major reasons can range from simple issues to severe ones, car shakes during acceleration might be a clear signal of an impending issue. Technically, identifying the problem’s source as early as possible will help you a great deal in...
Car Maintenance

7 Simple Car Maintenance Procedures College Students Can Do on Their Own

While certain repairs and maintenance are best left to the pros, there are many car maintenance procedures college students can do on their own. Learning how to perform basic car maintenance not only saves you money today, but it can also prevent costly repairs down the road.  It's also easy...
Car Brake Pads

Top 6 Ways to Extend the Life of your Car Brake Pads

It is not new for any car owner to understand that its brakes are one of the most important parts of their automobile. The proper functioning of the brakes is one of the most important requirements for the safety of the people inside the car. Brake pads are made...

4 Signs That You Need To Change Your Motorcycle Battery

People who own a motorcycle need not be reminded about how important it is to them. For those who use it on a regular basis, it is important that their motorcycle stays in its best shape. While the hundreds of different models have several unique maintenance requirements, one thing common...

Go Away, Bad Mechanics! How Do You Spot A Bad Car Mechanic?

When you have a car - any kind of car - it's natural to want to take care of it. That's how things work with automobiles. They're not the cheapest things out there, and whether it's our first car or the fifth one, we want to make sure it's...
Keeping Your Car Clean This Winter

Tips for Keeping your Car Clean this Winter

Regardless of whether you live close to the coast, in the desert, or in tropical areas, the climate can affect your car in various ways. For instance, your car can start aging prematurely especially for those living in coastal areas, in humid areas, or snowy areas. This means that...
Paint Protection Film Hood

What Can Ceramic Car Paint Protection Do For You?

A ceramic coat is a liquid polymer that’s applied on a car’s exterior and serves to chemically bond with the car’s paint to create a protective layer over it. This coat forms a permanent bond with the car’s paint which helps to decrease and prevent scratches or imperfections in...
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10 Ways to Save on Gas Mileage

Travel by car is never cheap and seldom avoidable. Whether running errands, commuting to and from work or going on a cross-country road trip, you should strive to find ways to save. Gas mileage savings is not just good for your wallet. By cutting back on gas consumption you can...
How to Extend the Lifespan Of Key Car Parts (Infographic)

How to Extend the Lifespan Of Key Car Parts (Infographic)

Automobiles are a key part of life to many people all over the world, they get us to and from work, school, sports and more. Everyday millions of cars hit the road, and over time their parts can become weak or over used. Therefore, it is important to help preserve...