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Mobile Money

Mobile Money – Transfer Money Pay Bills on Mobile Phone

Mobile Money is a payment solution that enables you pay for goods and services with their mobile phones. Mobile Money is one of the e-payment solutions available to Nigerians in a cashless Nigeria. It is at the core of the CBN’s cashless or cashlite Nigeria policy. In this article...

QikQik Mobile Money Pay Bills & Shop with Phone

While browsing through QuickTeller, I discovered a mobile money service I have never heard about before. The name is QikQik mobile money. With a little search about the mobile money service, I discovered that it is promoted by Eartholeum an electronic solutions provider. I also learnt that many months...
Mobile Banking from Access Bank

Mobile Banking your Bank on your Phone

Mobile Banking is a value added service offered by a bank to enable customers conveniently and securely conduct their banking transactions on their mobile phone. A mobile banking platform will enable you transfer funds and check your account balance and statement without having to visit your bank. You can...
Going Cashless & Cash Lite in Nigeria: What are your Payment options

Going Cashless & Cash Lite in Nigeria: What are your E Payment Solutions

You must have heard about the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN by now. Well, if you have not, it is a policy aimed at reducing the volume of physical cash circulating in the Nigerian economy and encouraging e-payment options. Core to the cashless (more like...
Electronic Payment

Electronic Payment/Transactions e-payment in Nigeria

Electronic payment has come a long way in Nigeria, but still struggles to compete with the Nigerians love for cash. Nigerians love their cash so much that most transactions in the country are done with cash. Cash remains the preferred medium for payment in the country. Poor awareness of...