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Google Chrome a new browser on the block Kindle: Amazon new wireless ebook reading device You may lose all your data. Does your Cyber Cafe have UPS installed? How to: Cyber Cafe check list Security risks you should be aware of when using a Cyber Cafe Cyber Cafe introduction Choosing the right Cyber Cafe Intro: e-gold 101 basics Benefits of e-gold internet payment system to you Benefits of e-gold internet payment system to Merchants Electronic payment/transaction in Nigeria: an Overview Electronic payment: PIN security basics Valucard payment solution with VPay, Visa & VbV secure internet transactions InterSwitch e-payment solution Starcomms cheap bulk internet plans Browse internet with as low as N40.00 per hour on...

SimbaNet VSAT Offer: Connect Internet Cafe/Office

Do you have plans of venturing into the cyber cafe business in Nigeria? Are you planning to connect your business or offices to the internet? If your answer is yes then this offer may interest you. SimbaNet a division of the Simba group is offering you Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) infrastructure at a very affordable rate of 430,000 Naira. VSAT is a technology that allows you to connect to the internet via Satellite. The VSAT infrastructures included in the SimbaNet internet offer are a 1.8 meter Antenna, a Low Noise Block (LNB), a 2W Band block Up Converter (BUC), an...

UPS: Does your Cyber Cafe have Backup Power

Imagine this, you walked into a cyber cafe, you have a proposal to send to a client. You bought your time and logged in to the internet. You enter the web address of your email, but because of slow network it took 15 minutes for the compose page to load. Finally you start composing your master piece proposal. Suddenly after about 20 minutes as you were about to proof read your proposal, the PC monitor goes blank. There have been a power outbreak and the PC you are using is not connected to a UPS. If you live in Nigeria,...

Cyber Cafe Internet Security Stay Safe Online

Security is a very important issue on the internet today. Browsing the internet often comes with security risks that some internet users are not even aware of. Your internet security risks increases tremendously if you browse using public PCs as found in cyber cafes. A Cyber cafe (a.k.a Internet Cafe) is a place where internet applications are accessible to the public. Customers buy airtime in order to have access to the internet via PCs available in the internet cafe LAN network. The airtime contains a password for logging into the PC. Customers can also come with a laptop and connect to...

Cyber Cafe Check List

Are you planning to own a cyber cafe? Do you want to know how to start a cyber cafe business? Do you want to improve the quality of service that your customers experience? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right page. This document will provide information for people aspiring to own cyber cafes in the future with information on what they would require to invest in, so as to deliver what we believe is an acceptable quality of service to their customers. This document will also provide valuable information for existing internet cafe owners. Some of the...

What is a Cyber Cafe or Internet Cafe?

Cyber cafe or internet cafe is a place where internet applications are accessible by the general public. Customers buy vouchers, which contain a user name, and password that gives them access to the internet via any computer in the internet cafe. The major services offered by internet cafes are internet applications like email, chatting, downloads and web browsing. Other applications available at internet cafes include office software like MS Office, graphic software like CorelDraw and computer games. Ideally, an internet cafe should sell food and drinks, however most cafes in Nigeria focus on computer related services. Internet cafes also offer scanning...

Choosing The Right Cyber Cafe

There are a lot of cyber cafes, each promising a wide range of services. But what do you expect from a cyber cafe? In Nigeria today a number of internet cafes deliver very poor quality of service (QoS) to their clients. This is helped by the attitude of most Nigerians to cyber cafes. Internet users in Nigeria prefer visiting cyber cafes close to their houses or offices irrespective of whether QoS is poor. They often have the false impression that they have no choice, so even though they are not getting the service they expect from their cyber cafe, they...
Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe: An Introduction

Nigerians, like most people living in developing countries depend on cyber cafes for their internet access. This is chiefly because the cost of computers is still too exorbitant for most citizens. Another factor is that the cost of buying and maintaining internet access from telecom companies in Nigeria is still too expensive for most people. These two factors have made internet cafes very popular among Citizens. Every day thousands of people visit these cyber cafes that dot strategic positions in our towns and cities to make use of internet/IT services. Popular internet applications for Nigerians include email, chatting, social network sites...