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Camera Buying Guide

How to Buy a Camera

So, for some reasons, you feel the need to buy a new (type of) camera. Perhaps you have been meddling around with your smartphone's camera for a while now and the whole concept of photography is beginning to pique your interest every single day. Where to Buy a Camera Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Maybe you have been taking some online photography classes and courses too and you want to step it up a notch by doing more shooting and gaining more hands-on experience. You definitely need to buy a camera for that, but it's not that simple as there are a tonne...
Best Full Frame DSLRs

10 Best Full-Frame DSLRs in 2022

Every single day, a new camera model is being invented that’s equipped with the most modern technology. Though, it can make previously released models obsolete, there are still older models that, up-to-this-date, photographers prefer to use. And most of those are full-frame DSLRs. If you’re wondering what’s the best full-frame DSLR this 2022, we provide some tips on how to choose it. And here’s a list of best full frame DSLR cameras that we prefer: 10 Best Full-Frame DSLRs in 2022 1. Nikon D850 Want to shoot a fast-moving subject? With D850, it’s possible as it has a high AF system capability and 7fps...