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Lesoos FatSky eBike

Must know Tips for Riding Ebike In the Rain

Like most people, you probably love the thrill of riding your bike in the rain. But before you can hit the roads and enjoy the wet weather, there are a few things you need to know first. Here blog will outline some tips to help you stay safe and enjoy your ride with waterproof electric bikes regardless of the conditions! 1. Ensure your e-bike is configured Correctly for Riding in the Rain Remember a few things if you plan to ride your ebike in the rain. Make sure your ebike is first configured properly for riding in the rain. This entails checking...
Fat Tire Electric Bike

Is a Fat-Tire Electric Bike Suitable for Touring?

Touring with an electric bike can be incredibly fun and rewarding. The feeling one gets from the assistance of an electric motor, the ability to cover more ground in a shorter period, and the convenience of not having to worry about running out of power while on your journey are all great benefits. Since many different types of electric bikes for adults and models are available, people always ask, "Is a fat-tire electric bike suitable for touring?" This article will explore whether a fat-tire electric bike is suitable for touring. We will look at the advantages of using a fat-tire electric bike...
Micromobility with KBO Bike

Is Micromobility Vehicle Infrastructure viable in Big Cities?

The pandemic has changed how people view transportation. Just when Lyft and Uber were hitting their stride, sharing a vehicle with someone became a concern about hygiene and viral transmissibility. A sudden reversal occurred in 2021, and American drivers once again became enamored with owning a personal vehicle. While shared mobility is slow to regain favor, micromobility solutions are primed to pick up in popularity. Generally, these short-range transportation options are part of the first-mile/last-mile nexus and are intended primarily as urban solutions. Among the top micromobility trends are e-bikes and e-scooters but in large cities, there can be both...
Lesoos FatSky Electric Bike with Fat Tires

Lesoos FatSky: A Folding Electric Bike with Fat Tires

The Lesoos FatSky is a powerful folding electric bike with fat tires that make it adaptable to different terrains like snow, sand, mud, and mountain trails. It is a multipurpose eBike suitable as a commuter bike as well as with enough ruggedness to make it suitable for the off-road when you want to tackle mountains and other less than perfect terrains. The FatSky is one of two folding eBikes currently offered by Lesoos. The other is the Lesoos PowerSky, a 14-inch folding ebike with more stamina. While the FatSky is more versatile and can handle multiple terrains better, the PowerSky...
Bike Pedal

How to Remove Bike Pedals without a Pedal Wrench

Most people know that you need a pedal wrench to remove the pedals anytime you want. Also, it's an excellent way to remove the pedal and fast. Few people know it's also possible to remove the people without the pedal wrench. For that, we have gathers all the information relating to the removal of the pedal without the pedal wrench. It's not hard at all to remove without the wrench. Here we are going to explore the steps to follow to remove the pedal without the wrench. There reasons why you will need to remove the pedal of which we have...
Swagtron Swagger 5

Affordable Commuter Electric Scooters Compared

You’ve decided to get with the programme and invest in game changing (and super fun) transportation. Good work! We’re taking a look here at the Best Affordable Electric Scooters on the market. There’s no denying it, Electric Scooters make sense. Not least for the out doors-y type, but for the hardened commuter looking for a way to minimise journey time and effort. We appreciate the foldable, the lightweight and the easy to handle but we also crave the thrill, the power and the street cred. There are loads of variations out there and with the advances in tech the choices are limitless...
Best Electric Scooters of 2019

Best Electric Scooters of 2020

Electric scooters are getting increasingly popular these days. Kids, adults, college-goers, all are equally interested in this incredible product. The fact that electric bikes are designed to have a minimum negative impact on the environment makes them all the more attractive to the customers. And this isn't the only good thing about these devices. Besides being fun and in trend, they are also cost-effective. You don't need to spend a lot on scooters. They are an excellent means of transportation. With time, the technology behind electric scooters is also advancing. It ensures that you get what you expect from these scooters....
Best Electric Bikes Buy 2019

Best Electric Bikes to Buy in 2023

Depending on the region you live in, electric bikes are the in-thing now. And if they are not popular in your location yet, they soon will. For so many reasons, electric bikes have a whole lot of advantages over the regular bikes that are manually pedaled. The development and introduction of electric bikes have entirely revolutionized biking by eliminating some constraints associated with standard bikes (e.g. pedaling-induced stress, knee pain, climbing heights, etc.). For starters, electric bikes (also called e-Bikes or eBikes) are basically regular bikes that have been integrated with components like rechargeable batteries, a motor, smart sensors, and a...