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Innjoo Max Specs & Price

Innjoo Max joins the Innjoo Fire in Innjoo's latest lineup of value for money smartphone, but with a special focus on battery performance. The 5-inch device with full metal frames comes with the biggest battery ever in an Innjoo phone, a 4000 mAh Li-Po battery and boasts of up...

Innjoo Max & Innjoo Fire coming this May

Innjoo will be launching at least two new smartphones this month. The first phone the Innjoo Fire features a 5-inch screen and sounds like a great value for money device. The second phone, the Innjoo Max, is also a 5-inch smartphone, but promises a high performance battery performance with...

Innjoo Fire Specs & Price

Innjoo Fire is a new value for money smartphone from the stable of Innjoo. Despite its affordable price, the Innjoo Fire is expected to pack a lot of punch on account of its generous 2GB of RAM and quad-core processor. The Innjoo Fire also promises great battery life with...

Innjoo Leap 3 Specs & Price – Windows 8.1 Tablet

The Innjoo Leap 3 is the third iteration of Innjoo's affordable Windows 8.1 tablet. The core hardware and software is similar to the Innjoo Leap2, yet there are significant changes. Innjoo Leap 3 seems to focus on improving the entertainment value of the 8-inch tablet with the loudspeakers improved...

Innjoo Two and Innjoo Phones & Tablets Warranty and Repair

A lot of misinformation have been spread about Innjoo Two warranty or warranties for Innjoo phones and Innjoo tablets. Some even claim that Innjoo does not have any office in Nigeria. Here we provide you the facts about Innjoo warranties and repairs in Nigeria. Where to Buy Innjoo Devices Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦20,550.00...

Innjoo One now available Online at Jumia

The best value smartphone you can possibly buy right now in Nigeria, the Innjoo One is now available exclusive to Jumia. You can now order the Innjoo One at the online store and have it delivered to your doorstep in 1 to 6 days at a price of 27,999...

Innjoo One 3G HD Price in Nigeria

Innjoo One is an amazing new smartphone with an impressive design, top class performance, but for a low price point that makes us consider it as the best value for money smartphone in Nigeria. Innjoo One price in Nigeria starts at 27,999 Naira. Where to Buy Innjoo Phones Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦19,200.00 Buy...

Innjoo One Specs & Price

Innjoo One is a new flagship smartphone from Innjoo. It features a newer and faster processor than the Innjoo i2s, an octa-core processor, clocked at 1.7GHz. Innjoo One also offers a more beautiful and sleeker design, a bigger battery, and twice as much memory with 2GB of RAM. Checkout...
Innjoo Phones - Fire2 Air

Innjoo Phones – Affordable Android Phones

Innjoo offers some of the best priced smartphones in Nigeria. Like Innjoo tablets, Innjoo phones offer great specs at affordable prices. Innjoo Halo Plus at a price of around 19,500 Naira is one of the best value 5.5-inch smartphone in Nigeria. Below are the major Innjoo phones selling in...
Best Innjoo Tablets - Flex

Innjoo Tablets – Affordable Android & Windows Tablets

Innjoo offers a couple of affordable smartphones and tablets in Nigeria. Innjoo offers one of the most affordable Windows Tablet in the Innjoo Leap. Innjoo F5 is also one of the best value Android tablets in Kenya. Here we will be looking at the leading Innjoo tablets in Nigeria...