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Airtel Internet 1.5GB – Smartphone Data Plan

Airtel has revamped its data plans to be more competitive in the market place. Airtel Smartphone data plan, which used to offer 1GB now offers 50% more data at 1.5GB. The internet data bundles have been priced for competitiveness in the market place and offer 30-day 24/7 internet access...

Cost of Internet Access in Nigeria April 2011

Like we reported in our last report, there were no price changes in cost of internet access in Nigeria in the fourth quarter of 2010. The same however cannot be said of the first quarter of 2011 as network operators introduced new internet packages and revamped others to remain...

Cost of Internet Access in Nigeria January 2011

There appears to be no movement in cost of internet access in Nigeria since our last report in November. Most of the networks we follow still have the same set of internet bundles all at the same price. Probably networks are still analysing the impact of recent price changes...
MTN Data Plan

MTN Data Plan & Internet Bundles Prices & Codes

MTN has updated its internet browsing data plans adding more data allowance and introduce a couple of new data plans that offers more value for money. You now have several MTN Data Plan to choose from. There are cheap browsing plans for entry level users and mobile phone browsing...
MTN Cheap Data Plan

Internet Browsing Access Codes For Data Plan Activation

To enjoy cost effective internet, you need to activate an internet plan for your internet browsing. If not you will be browsing at pay as you go, which is billed at per kb or per minute bases. Internet browsing on pay as you go is very expensive, so going...

Cost of Internet Access in Nigeria November 2010

A lot of movement have been seen in internet access cost in Nigeria since our last report three months ago in August. The GSM companies (specifically MTN and Glo) seems to be most active in this area with all GSM networks now offering affordable N1,000 monthly internet bundles. We...
MTN Cheap Browsing Plan

MTN Cheap Browsing Plan 1.5GB Data for 1,000 Naira

MTN have once again revamped its 1,000 Naira data plan. Now for 1000 NGN MTN offers 24/7 30-day 1.5GB internet browsing data bundle, as part of its offerings for affordable 24/7 internet access. However, Glo mobile offers the most generous, N1,000 monthly internet browsing bundle. This data plan began...
Glo Data Plan

Glo 2.9GB Browsing for 1000 Naira Always Micro

Glo Always Micro is a cheap internet bundle, from Glo Mobile. Glo Always Micro is now a 2.9GB 30-day internet browsing plan, which goes for N1,000 per month. Glo Always Micro has always been the go-to cheap internet plan. From a humble 100MB, this plan went to 150MB, 200MB,...

MTN Cheats Browsing: breaking free with 1000 Naira

MTN browsing cheats are so popular in Nigeria as Nigerians look for affordable ways of staying online. MTN free browsing cheats are so popular that there are some websites entirely devoted to it. Even on Facebook there are communities entirely devoted to sharing free internet browsing cheats for the...

Internet Data Plans: Value for Money Browsing in Nigeria

Are you looking for the best value for money data plans in Nigeria? This document was compiled to highlight the internet bundles that offer the best deals for your internet access. If you are looking for data plans that give you more internet access time or data limit for...