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Best Healthy Kitchen Gadget for a Healthier You

Best Healthy Kitchen Gadget for a Healthier You

If you spend so little time to prep and cook meals, you usually end up making the easiest, and more often than not, the least healthy food. In some other cases, you resort to hitting the vending machine, ordering takeout, eating at a fast-food chain, or buying prepared meals at the supermarket — and they can’t be all too healthy. Sure, there are loads of other options everywhere when it comes to eating healthy, such as with a five-star restaurant. They’ll serve meals prepared with the freshest and healthiest ingredients — of course, at a hefty cost. So, if you...
How to use an Instant Pot

How to use an Instant Pot?

Instant Pot craze is increasing day by day. A large number of users worldwide have started using the Instant pot instead of their traditional pressure cooker. Instant pot's popularity has increased, because you can cook delicious meals in just a few minutes. Whether you possess an Instant Pot or you have used it before, this post is for you. Here, in this guide, we will provide you with all the basics about the Instant pot. What actually is Instant pot? Instant Pot is basically a pressure cooker. It is a one-stop solution for all of your cooking. It provides option to sauté,...
Stand Blender

Buying Blenders and Mixers for your Kitchen

Kitchen appliances have grown from kitchen "wants to needs" in the modern day kitchen set-up. And this is very much understandable because they make work easier and get the job done faster. Here is a guide for buying blenders and mixers. Where to Buy Blenders and Mixers Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Be you a chef that cooks professionally (for a living), or just a food enthusiast who live fondling around with food and lots of recipe, or an food-kitchen aficionado, you must have one time or the other used either of these: Blenders, Mixers, Food Processor,...
Buying a Microwave Oven

Buying a Microwave Oven (A Guide)

One can say the microwave oven is one of the most important and vital appliances to have in a modern-day kitchen. Its multifunctional characteristics is a huge selling point — for reheating leftovers, defrosting frozen food items (chocolate, dairy products), and making certain food (popcorn etc). Where to Buy Microwave Oven Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers The microwave is almost an all-around appliance. The speed at which it gets a couple of things done is another advantage. Hence, the need for it every kitchen. Buying a microwave has never been easier as there are so many types, brands,...
6 Great 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Better Cooking

6 Best 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Cooking

Cooking your next meal does not have to be an elaborate affair. You could keep things simple yet efficient by opting for 2-burner tabletop gas cookers. They are compact, fit on your traditional kitchen cabinet and overall, are very reliable when it comes to gas consumption. Those and much more make these options some of the hottest selling home appliances on the market. Should you be in the market for a unit to call your own too, we have come up with some of the best 2-burner tabletop gas cookers that will make your kitchen experience a delight. 1. Universal Tabletop Two...
Best Microwave Ovens to Purchase for Various Needs

Best Microwave Ovens to Buy in 2023

Whether for a home or work kitchen, you will find out that it is overwhelming to sift through the available microwave oven options in the market. True, all of them will heat up your food, but not all of them will give you the kind of quality that you deserve. Here are some good options if buying a microwave oven is in your future plans. Where to Buy Microwave Oven Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers More than the basic function, you should always look for a microwave oven that promises you so much more. That brings us...
5 Best Blenders for your Kitchen

Best Blenders for your Kitchen in 2023

What are the best blenders for your kitchen? That is the question we sort to answer in this article. Whether you are looking for something to grind your vegetables, make your pepper into a fine liquid or reduce your fruits into beautiful smoothies, a blender/ mixer/ grinder will always be the first point of call. Being one of the most versatile and useful home appliances, it is surprising why many people would not have one of their own. Where to Buy Mixers and Blenders Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers To take care of that, we have compiled...
Cooking Appliance - 2-Burner Gas Cooker

Best Black Friday Kitchen Appliances Deals 2023

Black Friday is a great time to find deals as many stores try to beat each other with amazing deals. This makes Black Friday a great time to buy your Kitchen Appliances. Here we share some of the best kitchen appliances to look out for your 2023 Black Friday Shopping. Blenders and Mixers Blenders are usually the best selling kitchen appliances on Black Friday. They are portable and light weight making them easy to ship. Their prices are usually low and with Black Friday discounts they can become very compelling for consumers. You can buy a simple Blender/Grinder system or you can go...

Meat Mincer & Grinder for 2499 NGN – DealDey Deals

Buy a manual Meat Mincer and Grinder for grinding or mincing meat, fish, and vegetables like onions and garlic for 2,499 Naira on DealDey. This is a great appliance for your kitchen. According to the deal, the meat mincer uses stainless steel blade and mincing plate to grind and mince your meat, fish, or vegetables. It comes with a coarse and fine mincing plates so that you mince your meat according to your need. The Meat mincer also offers three pasta attachments for making your fresh pasta from scratch and a sausage funnel, giving you lots of options in the...

How to Buy a Sandwich Maker

A Sandwich Maker is a simple electrical device for making bread toasts. It comes with internal hotplates that generate the heat for toasting the bread. A sandwich maker or sandwich toaster is an essential appliance for a modern kitchen and can considerably reduce the time and effort required to prepare breakfast. This article will guide you on how to buy a sandwich maker. Where to Buy Sandwich Makers Jumia Nigeria – Buy Here | Jumia Kenya - Buy Here | Jumia Ghana – Buy Here Buying a sandwich maker is very easy, because there are very few decisions to be made. This...