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LG Gram 15 Specs & Price

Set to be unveiled at CES 2016, the LG Gram 15 is a new addition to its Korean manufacturer’s Gram series of laptop, previously consisting of only two products. The notebook offers generous screen estate without loading up on weight to help you get things done both indoors and...

LG Gram 14 Specs & Price – Ultrabooks

LG Gram 14 is targeted at buyers who love what the Gram 13 offers but prefer having a larger screen. It has basically all the features available on its smaller sibling and a bit more, including an option for a more robust Intel Core i7 processor.Where to Buy LG...

LG Gram 13 Specs & Price – Ultrabook

LG Gram 13 – together with the bigger Gram 14 – represents an attempt by its Korean maker to snatch some share of the ultrabook market from top players in the niche such as Apple. The laptop flaunts an incredibly light and slim design and comes with a clear...