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Google Map maker Moderate and Contribute on Google maps

Google map maker is a free online tool that allows anyone with a Google account to start contributing to Google maps. With Google map maker, you can add features like roads, bridges, railway lines, etc on Google maps. You can also add places like churches, schools, banks, hotels, as well as add street names on Google maps using the Google map maker. Google map maker provides a visual interface and is very easy to use, if you have used a computer before you can start contributing to Google maps with the Google map maker. Google maps is a free online...

Google Maps Find Locations directions places and contribute on maps

Google maps was officially launched at the G-Nigeria event in February 2010. Google maps for Nigeria have always been there, but its official launch by Google means that Google is now out to make Google Maps for Nigeria better and more useful. Unlike before, major cities and towns in Nigeria are now searchable on Google maps. You can find places or locations and get directions on Google maps. Google has also made it easy to add places and directions on Google maps, so you can easily contribute to making Google maps more detailed and useful. Google maps is a free...