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Opera mini 5 browser for mobile phones what’s new

Opera mini was designed from the ground up for mobile browsing. Opera mini 5 comes with some exciting new features to improve your mobile browsing experience. Opera mini 5 looks different from Opera mini 4 and will take you a few minutes to familiarise yourself with it. The Opera mini 5 browser window is neater, consisting only of the address bar, Google search bar, and thumbnails of your most popular websites (speed dials). All other features are now packaged into the Opera mini menu key. Here you will find what's new on Opera mini 5 browser. You may also be...
Twitter - Growing your Brand on Twitter

Twitter Free Social Networking like Facebook – Micro-Blogging Service

Twitter is a free and easy to use social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to send short messages to those who have subscribed to receive such updates. These short messages or updates called tweets must not exceed 140 characters. Twitter is the fastest growing social networking website today, growing much faster than Facebook. One place that twitter scores high is on simplicity. It is so easy to use, hence people who found other social networking services like Facebook a bit challenging will find using twitter easy. Opening your twitter account is easy. Posting your tweets is also easy, all you...
SMS - Text Messaging

Mjoy Free SMS and Mobile Blogging Text Apps Service

Mjoy is a leading global mobile internet portal offering free SMS service between mobile phones. Mjoy also has a mobile micro blogging service to its portal called Mjoy Post it!. Post it! is a mobile micro blogging service that enables anyone with an mjoy account to send their personal news, advice and insight to a global audience. Mjoy currently has more than 347,000 registered users from 157 countries including Nigeria. Mjoy Post it! Mjoy Post it! will enable people from all over the world to broadcast themselves to a global mjoy audience. According to the press release from mjoy, with the new micro...