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Microsoft Office Alternatives

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives To Try For Free

It would not be wrong to say that Microsoft Office has been one of the most useful and widely used office solutions. But, as you already know that it comes with a price and this is the reason why most of the people have started to look for other...
Microsoft office 2010

How To Transfer Microsoft office 2010 To Another Computer

Got a new laptop or computer and now all you want to do is copy your files from your old computer to a new one? If yes then you better read this post. Although, transferring files like documents, pictures, videos or other types of files from one computer to another...
Recovery of forgotten passwords

Recovery of Forgotten Passwords in Microsoft Outlook

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password : outlookpassword deals with forgotten passwords in Microsoft Outlook. Since Outlook represents one of the most popular email clients, it often keeps personal information about contacts, correspondences and appointments. It is natural that users are preoccupied with the safety of this data and use passwords to protect...

Microsoft Office 2016 Overview

Office 2016 is the 17th and latest release of the popular Microsoft Office productivity suite. It is made to enable better collaboration for enhanced productivity, and built with the latest Windows 10 operating system in mind. The suite comes with new features and updates to popular apps like Outlook...

3 Ways to Format Documents for Free without Microsoft Office

When it comes to word processing, it doesn’t get much cleaner than Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office Suite that the corporation developed years ago is now the standard-bearer for all sorts of writing and formatting needs. It is also the most popular word processing software on the planet. But,...