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Buying SD Cards

How to Buy an SD Card, microSD and Memory Cards

An SD card can be quite useful if you are trying to increase the storage space of your digital devices. But not all SD cards are equal. They vary in speed classes, physical sizes as well as storage capacities. So when you are going to buy an SD card, you need to  be very careful about having a look at all these criteria. Where to Buy Memory Card Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Do you know, different digital devices use different kinds of SD cards? Here are some of the points...
Phone Battery Repair Near Me

How To Get Original Phone Battery Replacement Quickly

REVEALED : How To Get The Best Battery Replacement On Your Phone From As Low As ₦3999 in Lagos. Have you ever tried to replace a battery for your iPad or smartphone, only to end up with a terrible battery repair that wasted your time and money. With poor market regulation in Nigeria's tech industry, it is easy to get away with selling substandard phone batteries. This makes many people fall victim to bad battery replacements for their phones, and ultimately damage their phones. The truth is, quality phone battery replacement is very easy to get and sometimes all without leaving the comfort...
Phone Accessories

7 Trending Pixel 3 Cases you must Buy

The increasing need for technology, in a day to day life, that has taken an integral place in our lifestyles is not more than a Mobile Device. Apparently, understanding this need Google has brought us one of the finest and most loved android phones with exclusive camera and other features by introducing Pixel 3. While the most loved mobile phones are becoming everyone’s favourite, how can be the most trending fashion-storm of stylish cases are not talk of the town. But choosing them is always a tricky job for your device. Mostly the question disturbs all of us, is choosing between...
Stylish Leather Wallet Case for iPhone

Why use Stylish Leather Wallet Case for your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you know how beautiful and sleek it looks without a cover, but you also know how dangerous it can be to flaunt your very expensive phone without any protection. The sleekness of the design means that your iPhone is very slippery and even one small dent or scratch will make you burst into tears. There are lots of options available for a good iPhone cover in the market. Phone covers are also subject to fashion trends and design keeps changing to match the ongoing style. An iPhone wallet case is both functional and stylish. The SHIELDON Case...
Headphone Buying Guide

Headphone Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones?

With a wide range of headphone styles from hundreds of brands, it can be overwhelming to select the right pair of headphones for you. We are tethered with our headphones at least some part of every day. This headphone buying guide will help you choose the perfect headphone. Where to Buy Headphones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Headphones are turned into an extension of ourselves. We watch videos on smartphone or tablet, listen to music while working out or we crave for an immense sound experience that pumps our adrenaline while gaming. Most people debate on the...
Memory Card

Digital Camera Accessories Battery Chargers Memory Cards

You may be wondering which accessories to buy for your digital camera. Cameras need accessories to function properly. Some camera accessories are essential like batteries, while others are optional. Normally a camera will come with all accessories required to make it usable, but you may still need to buy additional accessories for an improved experience. Here we will be showing accessories you may need for your digital camera. Where to Buy Cameras & Camcorders Jumia.com.ng from ₦9,995.00 Buy Now Read overviews of Canon Camera Read overviews of Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of Nikon Digital Camera Note that not every accessory will fit every digital...
Memory Cards / SD Cards

Memory cards Buy SD SDHC MicroSD from SanDisk Sony Transcend

Devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, and camcorders always come with less memory than you need for storing your media. This is often done by the manufacturer to reduce costs. However, manufacturers provide memory card extension slots for users to upgrade memory as required. This means that after buying a device you may need to shop for memory cards. Some devices provide memory slots for increasing your storage capacity. This is usually the case in digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, video game consoles, media players, and camcorders. To Buy Memory Card for your Smartphones, See Offers Buying MicroSD Memory Cards for your...